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Bybelprogram vir iPad (werk met The Word modules)

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  • AH Bogaards
    Beste broeders en susters, Broeder Willem Swanepoel het n besondere ontdekking gedoen. Daar het n pragtige nuwe Bybelprogram vir iPad verskyn. :
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2013
      Beste broeders en susters,

      Broeder Willem Swanepoel het 'n besondere ontdekking gedoen.

      Daar het 'n pragtige nuwe Bybelprogram vir iPad verskyn. : iBible-Study HD

      Volg net hierdie skakel: http://troos.info/WNIbzZ

      Die persoon skryf (en ek verkort sy skakels weer):

      There is a new app in the app store that reads theWord modules. NO
      conversion needed--the software reads normal theWord modules. And it's FREE.

      iTunes address program: iBible-Study HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

      I would consider this a "beta" version:

      1. I've noticed the app will not read compressed modules.

      2. There is no theWord Book reader--just Dictionaries, Commentaries, and

      3. The default Bible is KJV with Strongs. Another default should be just
      the KJV. Why? Tooltip popups show the KJV with Strong text and there's no
      way to show just the KJV text in a tooltip unless you have the KJV installed
      (without Strongs). Small issue, easily fixed by downloading the KJV without

      4. No way to change the font rendering--it uses a Times New Roman style
      font. I would personally prefer a less ornate font, like Tahoma or similar.

      5. The Bible search works great, but no way to search other module

      6. I like clean designs on the iPad. I'm not a fan of colored toolbars.
      That can't be changed. Also, when you install it, you have to "de-clutter"
      the look of the app slightly. Click the settings icon and remove the KJV
      Strongs designations and the new verse [Aa] designations (the latter really
      gets in the way).

      What do I like about this app?

      1. It reads theWord's native modules. No format shifting or other
      nonsense which makes my job a LOT easier.

      2. Another great thing: it supports two windows simultaneously. You can
      also define each window to show the content you prefer.

      3. Read the Bible with each verse on a new line (e-Sword style) or by
      paragraph! Very nice! There's a time and a place for each but I love the
      paragraph style.

      4. Show verse numbers in Bible paragraph or line by line mode--or not at

      5. It's free!

      6. Cross References from the Bible view.



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