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DGB: 1 September 2006 AD

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    Tweedehandse boeke te koop - Jameson, Fausset & Brown s Commentary on the Whole Bible, 6 volumes: R300-00 - De Psalmen Dawids (Spurgeon se verklaring van die
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      Tweedehandse boeke te koop
      - Jameson, Fausset & Brown's Commentary on the Whole Bible, 6 volumes:
      - De Psalmen Dawids (Spurgeon se verklaring van die Psalms in
      Nederlands), 5 volumes: R200-00
      - Prediking en Uitverkiesing, C. Veenhof: R40-00
      - The Structure of Biblical Authority, MG Kline: R30-00
      - The Sermon on the Mount, JM Boice: R55-00
      - Commentaar op Filippensen, DH Zanchius: R40-00
      - Na veetien jaren: De datering van het in Galaten 2 genoemde overleg
      te Jerusalem, J. van Bruggen: R40-00
      - Five Books of Moses, OT Allis: R40-00
      - God spake by Moses, OT Allis: R20-00
      - Prophecy and the Church, OT Allis: R30-00
      - Totius se Versamelde Werke, 7 dele (1960-uitgawe): R250-00

      - Leer en Lewe, Feenstra: R30-00
      - The Work of the Holy Spirit, Kuyper: R80-00
      - Basic Ideas of Calvinism, Meeter: R120-00
      - Gereformeerde Simboliek, PJS De Klerk: R30-00
      - Credo, Doekes: R80-00
      - Onze Geloofsbelydenis, Feenstra: R40-00
      - Oorsprong en Rigting, Stoker, 2 dele: R80-00
      - Koers in die Krisis, 3 dele: R90-00
      - Presidet Kruger aan die Woord: R100-00
      - Calvyn, 'n Jeugroman, J. vd Walt: R30-00
      - Lectures to my Students, Spurgeon: R40-00
      - Mijn God is Jahwe, Van't Veer: R40-00

      - Die Dualistiese Inspirasieleer, AB Du Preez: R30-00
      - Vorme en Karakter van die Biblisme, BJ de Klerk: R40-00
      - Het profetische Woord, K. Dijk: R50-00
      - Jeugd in een sterwende eeu, Ouweneel: R40-00
      - History of Israel, J. Bright: R150-00
      - Issues facing Christians today, J. Stott: R50-00
      - Onze Eredienst, A. Kuyper: R80-00
      - Aan zijne tafel, Matthew Henry: R40-00
      - Navolging van Christus, SCW Duvenhage: R30-00

      Nuwe boeke te koop
      - Terug na die Christenlewe, DG Hagopian: R30-00
      - 7 Men who rule the world from the Grave, D. Breese: R160-00
      - The Reformation Study Bible, R270-00
      - The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology: A Comparative Analysis, GP
      Waters: R170-00
      - Skrifgesag: Manuskripte en Bybelvertaling, deel 1, J. Erasmus:

      - 15 Reasons to take Genesis as History, D. Batten & J. Sarfati
      (30bl.): R25-00
      - The Answer Book: 20 Most-Asked Questions on Creation, Evolution & the
      Book of Genesis, D. Batten, K. Ham, J.Sarfati & C. Wieland: R100-00
      - Dismantling the Big Bang: God's Universe Rediscovered, A. Williams &
      J. Harnett: R160-00
      - Refuting Evolution, vol.2., J. Sarfati: R100-00
      - Thousands ... not Billions: Challenging an Icon of Evolution,
      Questioning the Age of the Earth, D. De Young: R130-00

      - Hyper Calvinism and the Call of the Gospel, DJ Engelsma: R100-00
      - We and our Children: The Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism, H.
      Hanko: R95-00
      - Better to Marry: Sex and Marriage in 1 Corinthians 6 & 7, DJ
      Engelsma: R70-00
      - Leaving Father and Mother: Biblical Courtship and Marriage, C. Hanko:
      - Far Above Rubies: Today's Virtuous Women, H. Hanko: R90-00
      - Saved by Grace: A Study of the Five Points of Calvinism, R. Cammenga
      & R. Hanko: R100-00.
      - God's Everlasting Covenant of Grace, H. Hanko: R90-00
      - The Covenant of God and the Children of Believers: Sovereign Grace in
      the Covenant, DJ Engelsma: R130-00

      - Righteous by Faith Alone: A Devotional Commentary on Romans, H.
      Hoeksema: R270-00
      - Ready to Give and Answer: A Catechism of Reformed Distinctives, H.
      Hoeksema & H. Hanko, R150-00
      - Sin and Grace: A Critique of Kuyper's Common Grace Theory, H. Danhof
      & H. Hoeksema: R220-00
      - For Thy Truth's Sake: A Doctrinal History of the Protestant Reformed
      Churches, H. Hanko: R260-00
      - Believers and their Seed: Children in the Covenant, H. Hoeksema:
      - Marriage, the Mystery of Christ and the Church: The Covenant-Bond in
      Scripture and History, DJ Engelsma: R150-00
      - Doctrine according to Godliness: A Primer of Reformed Doctrine, R.
      Hanko: R220-00

      - Transforming Missions, D.J. Bosch: R140-00
      - Charismatics and the Word of God, V. Budgen: R150-00
      - Feed my Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching: R70-00
      - Princeton and Preaching: JM Garretson: R150-00
      - Foundations of Social Order, RJ Rushdoony: R145-00
      - Thales to Dewey, GH Clark: R260-00
      - Politics of Guilt and Pity, RJ Rushdoony: R120-00
      - The One and the Many, RJ Rushdoony: R120-00

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