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Fw: Mini ancestors of humans? We think not!

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      Answers in Genesis Infobytes Email Update
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      Subject: Mini ancestors of humans? We think not!

      AiG INFObytes November 2004

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      Mini ancestors of human beings?

      News broadcasts all over the world are trumpeting the discovery of skeletal remains on the Indonesian island of Flores as the newest addition to the line (or is it ‘confused bush’?) of human evolution.

      The skeleton is from an individual only about one metre (3’4”) tall and has even been classified as a new species, Homo floresiensis, distinct from Homo sapiens. Is this warranted? What does the evidence really suggest? When you check out our site, you’ll be surprised to discover that the evidence at the site actually speaks against the tens of thousand of years (18,000–38,000) associated with these finds.

      Dr Carl Wieland has written an insightful article regarding this latest alleged ‘coup’ for human evolution. A simple review of the evidence will help you easily refute the scoffers. See Soggy Dwarf Bones

      In addition, the article highlights the danger in elevating the interpretations of science above God’s infallible Word.

      A comprehensive Understanding

      A complete understanding and refutation of all compromise is found in the landmark book Refuting Compromise by Dr Jonathan Sarfati. It provides an investigation into the claims of evolutionary science and its associated billions of years. Its crisp, clear logic will help you defend your faith like never before.

      You can safely purchase Jonathan’s classic defence online by clicking here or on the link below.

      Making a stand and reclaiming the ground

      In turning the tables on political correctness, a US federal district judge has ordered a public school to pay US $102,738 in attorney fees and costs in a case involving a high school’s refusal to let a Christian student express her views on homosexuality.

      Elizabeth (Betsy) Hansen was told she could not express her religious views at the school’s ‘Homosexuality and Religion’ panel discussion. The school limited members of the panel to religious leaders who endorsed the school’s Gay/Straight Alliance, refusing to permit any clergy who would express any other view, deeming such contrary opinions as negative. The courts decided that Betsy’s constitutional rights to freedom of speech and equal protection under the law were infringed.

      An informative article called How to win a debate on ethics is well worth a read for occasions such as this.

      In Christ's service,

      The Team at AiG.

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