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[calvyn] Ons jeug se toekoms

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  • Slabbert Le Cornu
    Beste vriende, Ek stuur vir u hierdie interessante en kommerwekkende inligting. Mag ons daaruit leer vir ons eie situasie! Verbondsgroete Slabbert T
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      Beste vriende,

      Ek stuur vir u hierdie interessante en kommerwekkende inligting. Mag ons
      daaruit leer vir ons eie situasie!

      Slabbert T

      April 7, 99

      My name is Dan Smithwick. I operate a private foundation called the
      Nehemiah Institute, Inc. I am writing in response to Mr. Burcher's question
      about 'Christian' youth dropping out of church and/or out of the Christian
      faith. I have some answers, I believe.

      Our work is in providing a worldview assessment service to Christian
      educators (day schools, home schoolers, churches, colleges,ministries, etc.)
      to help discern what 'worldview presuppositions' are being used by students
      to frame their views of life.

      Our test gives results in five areas: Politics, Economics, Education,
      Religion, and Social Issues (PEERS), hence the name of the test- The PEERS

      In each area we rate their views as coming from one of four 'worldviews-'
      1) Biblical Theism, 2) Moderate Christian, 3) Secular Humanism or 4)

      Over the 13 years of doing this, we have found a large majority of youth
      from Christian homes, attending public schools, fall into the Secular
      Humanism and Socialism categories. Not surprising. They are buying what
      they are being taught, to the ignorance of their parents and pastors. The
      have been trained to believe that the church and the Christian faith (by
      default) are simply not relevant.

      We have also found that youth from Christian homes, in Christian schools
      (traditional type) score better, but not by much. A high percentage fall in
      the low end of the Moderate Christian view. Where do you think they will
      score after 4 years of "higher" learning from state colleges?

      Just today we scored tests from a 'traditional' Christian high school in
      Tennessee with results of: Moderate Christian- 35.6%; Secular Humanism-
      61.0%; Socialism- 3.4%

      Also today we scored tests from a west coast Christian college with the
      following results: Moderate Christian- 7.7%; Secular Humanism- 61.5%;
      Socialism- 30.8%. These were all seniors. The faculty (2 who took the
      test) scored in the Biblical Theism category. The obvious question- Why are
      these students, after 4 years of "Christian" education leaving college with
      such strong anti-Christian views???

      The bright spot is with youth who are enrolled in schools that have a
      particular emphasis on 'worldview' education. Two particular programs doing
      this are Principle Approach education from F.A.C.E. and the Classical
      Christian school program.

      Students from these schools regularly score in the high range of Moderate
      Christian to mid-range of Biblical Theism. Based on discussions with
      teachers/administrators in these schools, the 'drop out' problem is
      substantially reduced from what is happening in 'traditional evangelical'

      A full report of PEERS results, addressing the 'dropout' problem, is
      available from us for $3.30, including s/h. Send to:

      Nehemiah Institute, Inc.
      1323 No. 3rd St., #200
      Aberdeen, SD 57401

      Ask for the TCC study. We will also send info on PEERS Testing.

      If you care to visit about this, I may be reached at 1-800-948-3101.

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