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[calvyn] Sprekerstoer: Prof. Dr. Nigel Lee

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  • Slabbert Le Cornu
    Beste vriende, Sien asb. die ondergenoemde inligting aangaande n spreker wat in 2001 na S.A. kom. Ek wil u ook vriendelik uitnooi om my te kontak indien u
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      Beste vriende,
      Sien asb. die ondergenoemde inligting aangaande 'n spreker wat in 2001 na S.A. kom.  Ek wil u ook vriendelik uitnooi om my te kontak indien u die spreker wil gebruik vir lesings of verdere inligting verlang.
      Slabbert Le Cornu
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      "Vir Christus se Verbond en Koninkryk" - Jes.9:5,6.
      "Taal en nasie baat sonder die ware godsdiens nie,
      want dié twee mis dan die ewigheidsmerk" -Totius
      Geagte mede Christene,

      Die afgelope maande het ek korrespondensie gevoer met Prof Dr Adv Nigel Lee.
      Dr Lee het 11 doktorsgrade en 28 ander grade aan akademiese instellings
      verkry. Tot Des 1999 was hy verbonde aan 'n Australiese Teologiese Skool.
      Hy het gese^ dat hy bereid is om na 1 April 2001 in SA te kom praat.
      Ek is besig om kontak te maak met mede Christene om op 'n geskikte tydperk
      te besluit wat hy na SA kan kom.

      Ligstryders sal Dr Lee se onkostes dra om vanaf Australie na SA te kom en terug.
      Indien julle wil hê dat hy by julle gemeente moet kom praat sal ons dit waardeer
      indien u self die onkostes sal betaal om hom te vervoer vanaf Pretoria.

      Laat my weet wat u dink.

      Ingeslote Dr Lee se CV.

      Francis Nigel Lee grew up in South Africa, was converted underground in a
      gold mine in Welkom O.F.S. on 28th Nov. 1955, and became a communicant
      member of the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa (NGK) on 7th Sept. 1958.
      He first finished studying the Bible all the way through on 20th Sept. 1958;
      finished doing so for the second time on 15th January 1961; and has since
      then lost count.   During that time, he held numerous Bible Studies; led
      many to Jesus, including also a couple of Jews; and regularly preached for
      the Cape Coloured community in the Dutch Reformed Mission Church in Retreat
      (Cape Town).

      Lee graduated from the Dutch Reformed Theological Seminary in Stellenbosch
      on 5th December 1963, there receiving his M.Th. in Missionary Science from
      the University of Stellenbosch with a dissertation on "Muhammad in die
      Bybel?" (with Prof. Dr. W.J. van der Merwe as his promotor).   On 7th
      December 1963, he married Miss Nellie van der Westhuizen of Vanrhynsdorp.
      Three years later he acquired his Th.D. from the University of Stellenbosch
      with a dissertation on "The Covenantal Sabbath" (with Rev. Prof. Dr. F.J.M.
      Potgieter promoting), and his M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Cape
      Town with a  disserta-tion on "Communist Genesiology" under the promotion of
      Prof. Dr. A.H. Murray (the grandson of the internationally-beloved Rev. Dr.
      Andrew Murray).  

      Temporarily moving to the United States in 1966, Dr. Lee became Professor of
      Philosophy at Shelton College in New Jersey.   During that time, he did much
      of his research toward his second doctorate.   He then also regularly
      preached in English to the Cape May congregation of the Bible Presbyterian

      In 1969, he returned to South Africa to become Minister of the Dutch
      Reformed Church in Winterton (Natal).   During that time he acquired his
      Ph.D. at the University of the O.F.S. with a dissertation on "Communist
      Eschatology" (with Prof. Dr. P. de B. Kock as his promotor), and achieved
      his M.A. status in Cultural Science (under Proff. Drs. C.N. Venter and
      Elaine Botha).   While Minister to the Afrikaner community in Winterton, he
      also: often officiated in the local Zulu Dutch Reformed Church; started a
      missionary work in the town for Hindu South African Indians; and was for six
      weeks Visiting Professor of Apologetics at the Reformed Theological Seminary
      in Jackson (U.S.A.).

      In 1973, Lee emigrated to the U.S.A.   There he was successively Professor
      of Theology at Fairfax Christian College in Virginia, and Scholar-in-Residence at the Christian Studies Center in Memphis (Tennessee). Joining the Presbyterian Church in America, Lee then pastored churches in Kosciusko (Mississippi) and
      Tallahassee (Florida), before becoming Academic Dean at Graham Bible College
      in Bristol (Tennessee).  

      During those years, Dr. Lee also lectured at many colleges, including: Faith
      and Westminster Theological Seminaries in Philadelphia; Covenant Theological
      Seminary in St. Louis; Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio; and Reformed
      Theological Seminary in Jackson (Mississippi).   He then became very well
      acquainted with Dr. Cornelius Van Til, Dr. R.J. Rushdoony, Dr. Gary North,
      Dr. Greg Bahnsen, Dr. Carl Bogue, Dr. Gerard van Groningen, Dr. Kenneth
      Gentry, Dr. Morton H. Smith, Dr. Joseph C. Morecraft III, and very many
      other leading American Christian Scholars.

      At the end of 1980, Dr. Lee moved to Australia after accepting appointment
      as Professor of Systematic Theology at the Queensland Presbyterian
      Theological College in Brisbane.  There he is due to retire as Professor
      Emeritus in 2000.

      Dr. Lee enjoys a very full and eventful life.   He thanks the Lord for his
      godly wife and two daughters (Johanna and Annamarie).   He considers that
      the most wonderful thing God has enabled him to achieve thus far, was to
      lead to the Lord: his parents; his father's murderer; and also the latter's

      Earned Doctorates:
      Th.D.: The Covenantal Sabbath University of Stellenbosch
      Ph.D.: Communist Eschatology Orange Free State University
      D.Min.: Daily Family Worship Whitefield Theological Seminary
      D.Ed.: Catechism Before Communion! Dominion School of Education
      S.T.D.: Rebaptism Impossible! Whitefield Theological Seminary
      D.R.E.: Baby Belief Before Baptism! Dominion School of Education
      D.Jur.: Women Ministers & Australian Litigation Rutherford School of Law
      D.Litt.: Holinshed on the Ancient British Isles Dominion School of Education
      D.C.L.: The Roots and Fruits of the Common Law Rutherford School of Law
      D.Hum. Tiny Human Life: abortion, AID, AIH, SHW, IVF and cloning Whitefield
      Theological Seminary

      Other Degrees:
      B.A.: University of Capetown
      LL.B.: University of Capetown
      M.A.: University of Capetown
      L.Th. (cum laude): University of Stellenbosch
      B.D. (cum laude): University of Stellenbosch
      M.Th. (cum laude): University of Stellenbosch
      M.A. & Cultural Sc.: Potchefstroom University

      Francois van Deventer
      Francois van Deventer
      PO Box 74904
      South Africa
      Tel / Fax: +27 12 8041503
      e-mail: <lig@...>
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