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1664Lilies War

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  • Corros Murphy
    Apr 6, 2013
      We still need teachers for Lilies War ( or people willing to run an afternoon Ball or 2). I'll take classes from anyone who has a Dance they want to teach, and if you don't know what you want to teach but want to lend your skills, here is the Lilies Grand Ball Set List:

      Set 1
      Carolingian Pavan
      Gracca Amorosso
      New Boe Peep
      Black Nag
      Fulgente Stella (Master Conrad)
      Jenny Pluck Pears
      Heart's Ease
      My Lady Cullen (Rowan)

      Set 2
      Black Alman
      Maltese Bransle
      Lull Me Beyond Thee (Wolfram)
      Rosti Boli Gioioso(Baron Donald)
      Petit Vriens(Rowan)
      Scotch Cap
      Official Bransle

      Set 3
      Le Bens Distonys
      Gatherring Peasecods
      Contrapasso in Due (Baron Donald)
      Horse's Bransle
      Amorosso(Baron Donald)
      Gelosia (Baron Donald)
      Herald's in Love/Herald's in Lust

      The Deadline for the book is the 10th (wenesday) and I'd prefer to know as soon as possible! Thank you!


      Lord Wolfram Janssen

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