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    Forwarding to california-volleyball-north@yahoogroups.com ... IVL-San Francisco News Release February 2, 2001 In response to numerous requests we received
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      IVL-San Francisco
      News Release
      February 2, 2001

      In response to numerous requests we received asking us to expand Industrial
      Volleyball League (IVL) operations into San Francisco, we have secured the
      use of the Francisco Middle School gymnasium on Tuesday and Wednesday nights
      from February 6-7 through the end of the school year (June 5-6). The gym is
      located on Francisco St between Powell and Stockton and our players will be
      allowed to park on the school playground on the main campus across the

      In an effort to assist those who have been displaced by the unfortunate
      closure of the Golden Gate Sport & Social Club, we will run four leagues
      (two each night) at no additional cost to former GGSSC teams, in exchange
      for a non-binding, but "good faith" promise to register for the Spring 2001
      leagues we will offer with an identical format (hopefully incorporating
      court space).

      The levels of play for this session will be:

      6:00 & 7:00 Tuesday Intermediate 6-Person Coed
      8:00 & 9:00 Tuesday Competitive 6-Person Coed

      6:00 & 7:00 Wednesday Upper Intermediate 6-Person Coed
      8:00 & 9:00 Wednesday Top Flight 6-Person Coed

      Since space is obviously scarce, we must limit participation in each league
      NAME AND CAPTAIN�S NAME CIRCLED and at least one e-mail address and daytime
      phone contact provided, to (650) 347-3554. Anyone on a team may send a fax
      at any time, but it must be RECEIVED by noon on Monday, February 5th if we
      are going to start playing the following evening. Teams who have contacted
      us prior to Thursday, February 1st will have priority, provided they send a
      fax before the Monday deadline. Registrations will then be accepted
      according to
      the date and time the fax was received. If spaces remain after noon on
      Monday, they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

      Teams who play in the introductory leagues (and behave themselves!) will be
      considered "returning teams in good standing" and have priority in signing
      up for any future leagues we run in San Francisco.

      In order to remain financially sound (and complete two Leagues before the
      end of the school year), it will be necessary to shorten playoffs to one
      night, limit the number of teams qualifying for the playoffs or possibly not
      conduct playoffs at all (tell us your preference). There will be no T-shirts
      for this "goodwill" league, but that will continue in the Spring, if popular
      demand warrants it. (League policies will be reviewed, and we will most
      likely follow player preferences.)

      While the name "Industrial" may raise eyebrows, it has always been a highly
      respected operation and we will seek to retain the "social" atmosphere of
      the GGSSC. (Having the same league play side-by-side is one step in that
      direction.) Anticipated starting time for the the Spring League is

      Background References:

      The Industrial Volleyball League, one of the foremost adult volleyball
      leagues in the United States, was created by Kirk Anderson in 1980 as a
      community activity sponsored by the San Jose Diablos in Wilt Chamberlain�s
      International Volleyball Association. The Industrial Volleyball League was
      started to create a fan base for the pro team and after that coed
      professional league folded, Kirk and built the IVL beyond anyone�s wildest
      expectations. With over 900 teams playing per year at fifteen different
      sites from Menlo Park to San Jose, it continues to set the highest standards
      for competitiveness of play and quality of operations.

      The San Francisco leagues will be managed by Gary Wakai, a longtime leader
      in Bay Area volleyball. As Commissioner of the Northern California
      Volleyball Association from 1987 to 1992, he guided the organization to the
      height of its popularity, championed grass volleyball (creating the USA
      Volleyball Outdoor National Championships) and took a leading role in
      writing the USAV
      outdoor rules in 1993. Gary has lately concentrated his volleyball efforts
      on refereeing, where he has officiated at the highest local levels,
      including Stanford men�s intercollegiate matches. His experience and
      reputation for fairness should greatly benefit the San Francisco leagues.


      Fax: (650) 347-3554 (push the "start" key immediately after dialing the last

      e-mail: IVLSF@... (Gary Wakai)
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