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Peter Meisen at GENI on TREC, visualizations, E8, and more

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  • marc.strassman
    Etopia News, a world leader in in-depth coverage of renewable energy issues and technologies, today published a 32-minute remotely- recorded,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2008
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      Etopia News, a world leader in in-depth coverage of renewable energy
      issues and technologies, today published a 32-minute remotely-
      recorded, low-carbon-footprint interview with Peter Meisen, director
      of the Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) in San Diego,
      California. GENI is committed to the development of a global
      electric grid powered by renewable energy.

      The interview with Peter Meisen, and other recent coverage of green
      energy issues, can be found on the Etopia News home page, at:


      This interview will rotate down in the queue as more programs are
      added, but it will always be directly accessible at:


      You can embed this interview anywhere with this code:

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      You can also access this piece, along with previous GENI interviews,
      through this link to the new GENI Channel:


      You can embed the GENI Channel on any web page, with this code:
      width="790" height="620" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

      You can create a hyperlink with this code to allow others to
      syndicate the GENI Channel:


      Etopia News is always looking for articulate interview subjects with
      something to say about renewable energy and efforts worldwide to make
      it ubiquitous, as oil passes the $130/barrel level on the way to

      Advertisers in the solar and other green energy spaces are also
      invited to contact us regarding opportunities to get your commercial
      messages out to our growing, global audience of early adopters, video
      producers, venture capitalists, Internet aficionados, and green
      energy enthusiasts, researchers, investors, reporters, regulators,
      manufacturers, deployers, and customers.

      to suggest an interview or to advertise, e-mail:



      Marc Strassman
      Etopia News
      e-mail: marc.strassman@...
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