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Fwd: Press Release: Clean Coalition announces Local CLEAN Program Guide

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  • Mircalla Wozniak
    Hello Clean Energy Advocates, Please see the press release below and share the linked Local CLEAN Program Guide with anyone who is (or should be) considering
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2011
      Hello Clean Energy Advocates,

      Please see the press release below and share the linked Local CLEAN Program Guide with anyone who is (or should be) considering the implementation of a CLEAN Program.


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      Date: Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 6:37 AM
      Subject: Press Release: Clean Coalition announces Local CLEAN Program Guide


      June 23, 2011

      For Immediate Release:                                                                                                                     


      Clean Coalition announces Local CLEAN Program Guide

      Designed to enable communities and utilities in fulfilling economic

      and sustainability goals


      Palo Alto – Today, the Clean Coalition is releasing the first module of its Local CLEAN Program Guide, which provides an overview of Clean Local Energy Accessible Now (CLEAN) Programs and the key considerations in assessing what a CLEAN Program can do for communities and local utilities across the United States.  In particular, the Overview & Key Considerations module helps determine how CLEAN Programs can achieve economic development and environmental sustainability goals.  


      A CLEAN Program promotes the growth of a strong clean energy economy by reducing the time, risks, paperwork, and other costs involved in selling renewable energy from under-used spaces in our communities, such as warehouse rooftops and capped landfills.  CLEAN Programs have been implemented at the local, state, and national level around the world with unparalleled success in driving renewable energy deployments and the new energy economy. 


      “The Clean Coalition is producing this guide to help local policymakers reach their clean energy goals while reaping the tremendous economic benefits that are delivered with significant deployments of local renewable energy.  A successful local CLEAN Program allows a community to create jobs and business opportunities, improve the health of community members, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all while lowering electricity costs for ratepayers,” explained Craig Lewis, Executive Director of the Clean Coalition. 


      Gainesville, Florida was the first U.S. municipality to implement a CLEAN Program; under the leadership of Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan, who was term-limited in 2010.  Upon review of the Local CLEAN Program Guide, Mayor Hanrahan commented, “In Gainesville, we experienced tremendous success with our CLEAN Program.  The level of solar deployments in Gainesville has grown by 2,000% since the Program’s implementation in early-2009.  The Program required no additional government staff and created well over 200 local jobs.  The Clean Coalition’s Local CLEAN Program Guide will be an invaluable resource to any community or utility wanting to duplicate Gainesville’s success.”


      The complete Local CLEAN Program Guide will be a free, downloadable policy tool designed to help communities and utilities evaluate, design, and enact the most effective policies for the timely and cost-effective deployment of clean local energy.  Designed for community and utility policymakers, and other local stakeholders, the full Local CLEAN Program Guide will be comprised of the following seven modules:


      Module 1:  Overview & Key Considerations

      Module 2:  Establishing the Pricing for Renewable Energy

      Module 3:  Understanding the Avoided Cost of Conventional Energy

      Module 4:  Determining the Rate Impact and Program Size

      Module 5:  Quantifying the Economic Benefits of the Program

      Module 6:  Designing the Program Procedures

      Module 7:  Gaining Support for the Program



      The first module of the Local CLEAN Program Guide is available for download on the Clean Coalition website at:  http://www.clean-coalition.org/local-action/#local


      The Clean Coalition is a nonprofit organization with the mission to accelerate the transition to cost-effective clean energy while delivering unparalleled economic benefits. 


      For further information on the Clean Coalition, please visit www.Clean-Coalition.org


      Contact:          Mircalla Wozniak







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