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  • Bob Tregilus
    URGENT! Please call Senator Reid s office TODAY at (202) 224-3542 and tell the staffer: Your name Your address Your city, State, zip-code Then tell the staffer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2010
      URGENT! Please call Senator Reid's office TODAY at (202)
      224-3542 and tell the staffer:

      Your name
      Your address
      Your city, State, zip-code

      Then tell the staffer would like to comment on the Gulf
      Response Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act
      (S.3601) - or any energy bill - that Senator Reid plans to
      introduce next week. The bill should include:

      1) a National Renewable Electricity Standard, and

      2) the Promoting Electric Vehicles Act of 2010 (S.3495),

      3) language clarifying state authority under the Federal
      Power Act and/or Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act
      (PURPA) to adopt "cost plus return on investment"
      renewable energy feed-in tariffs.

      That is all you need to tell the person who answers the

      It's really easy, only takes a couple of minutes, and will
      help insure that Senator Reid understands there is
      widespread support in Nevada for electric drive
      transportation and cutting edge renewable energy policy

      Thanks for all you do! -- and please forward this memo to
      any interested parties!

      Be well,
      Bob Tregilus
      775 826-4514


      Explanations, talking points, and background information:

      1) A renewable electricity standard would set a national
      goal requiring electric service providers to gradually
      increase the amount of renewable energy resources in their
      electricity supplies, until they reach a specified target by
      a specified date. A renewable energy standard is not the
      best way to deploy renewables but in North America it is the
      de-facto means for setting a goal which, at the national
      level, there presently is none.

      2) The Promoting Electric Vehicles (PEV) Act of 2010
      (S.3495) came out of the Senate Committee on Energy and
      Natural Resources on July 21st with strong bipartisan
      support. The PEV Act would provide $6 billion in funding to:
      extend tax credits for purchases of EVs; deploy charging
      infrastructure; train technicians; further R&D on battery
      development; help utilities prepare for EVs; and other
      miscellaneous issues pertaining to EVs.

      3) A renewable energy feed-in tariff (where the term
      "tariff" is a rate paid to any producer of energy, not a
      tax) envisions a wholesale sale of electricity from a
      renewable producer to a retail utility. A wholesale sale of
      electricity triggers one of two federal statutes: PURPA and
      the Federal Power Act. Both federal statutes have preemptive
      features that do not allow states to set above avoided cost
      prices for energy. There are workarounds, but such
      workarounds still require cumbersome application processes
      and approvals from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
      (FERC). These barriers must be removed so as to allow states
      to set wholesale prices for electricity under a state-level
      feed-in tariff policy. For background on FITs please review
      this document <http://bit.ly/moQJp> and this website
      <http://www.labusinesscouncil.org/sustainability.php>. For
      background on the federal preemption issue please review the
      document at this link <http://bit.ly/dh2hwJ>.

      Be well,
      Bob Tregilus
      775 826-4514

      This Week in Energy (TWiEpodcast)

      Policy analyst / organizer-
      Feed-in Tariffs for Nevada (FIT4NV)

      Electric Auto Association of Northern Nevada

      "The ubiquitous nature of renewable energy argues
      for a decentralist energy approach."
      --John Farrell, Energy Self-Reliant States

      In a world without walls, who needs Windows?
      Registered Linux user #471603
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