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New FIT report from NARUC & Nevada FITs update

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  • Bob Tregilus
    Hi Everyone - An update on FITs in Nevada and a new FIT report from NARUC. Nevada update - PUCN Commissioner Rebecca Wagner reported back to the Interim
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2010
      Hi Everyone -

      An update on FITs in Nevada and a new FIT report from NARUC.

      Nevada update -
      PUCN Commissioner Rebecca Wagner reported back to the Interim Committee on the Production and Use of Energy (we have biennial legislative sessions in NV) on the PUC's investigation into FITs

      Three areas were identified where a FIT might fit (meaning that the legislature should determine what their goal would be for a FIT program before proceeding): 1) A gap in solar incentives for projects that are too big for the rebate program, and those that are too small for an RFP, 2) a FIT might work for technologies not currently supported by incentives such as waste heat, and 3) economic development.

      Legislative members seem interested in FITs, but there is a lot of noise to cut through related to various advocacy groups (read Vote Solar, &c) focused on maximizing narrow craveouts for their respective constituencies rather than advocating for renewables in general with the public interest first and foremost in mind rather than their particular areas of interest.

      I have two requests of readers of this email:

      1) A new report "Feed-in Tariffs: Frequently Asked Questions for State Utility Commissioners" just came out from the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
      <http://www.naruc.org/resources.cfm?p=354>. I've only scanned it to date but I see some major misrepresentations and a lot of minor ones. Interestingly, and of concern to us in Nevada, PUCN Commissioner Wagner apparently had a hand in authoring this report. I would appreciate any comments that the FIT community might be able to provide.

      2) I've got a fellow that is very influential in Nevada and is very interested in FITs. He was formerly engaged in getting the RPS adopted in the state of Michigan several years ago. He is looking for a particular type of economic report on FITs which I've not been able find to date. However, I did find this one <http://bit.ly/bold6t> from the state of Vermont which isn't very supportive of FITs, albeit, the small cap on the Vermont FIT program certainly plays a large part in the underrealization of the economic stimulus potential of FITs.

      He writes: "Click on the link below to find the study we did a few years ago regarding the net economic impacts of an RPS standard in Michigan. The
      key metrics we forecasted were the NET CHANGE in:
      * Gross State Product
      * Change in Employment
      * Personal Disposable Personal Income

      (pdf's included at the end of this press release)

      Are there any FIT reports out there that are similar to this one pertaining to RPS in Michigan?

      Thanks! BTW: We're always looking for guests to be on my podcast, This Week in Energy. Please contact me if you'd be interested in appearing on the show.

      Be well,
      Bob Tregilus
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      intermittent capacity. Or, we can connect the
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      using the vast untapped storage of an emerging
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