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  • George M Coladonato
    Dec 10, 2012
      Dear Friends:

      Your fellow shareholder Enrique Rosenthal forwarded me this link to a video about the ARGOX Process.  The creators of this are young film-makers from the US and Germany, who Enrique convinced to make a film about ARGOX for a film competition--at least that is how I remember it.  Enrique can correct any of the details I may have gotten wrong.  If you wish to comment or congratulate, please use the vimeo site--I'm sure the authors of this gem will appreciate your comments.  They are so young they looked like high-school kids to me, so we need to encourage them to continue their excellent work and develop their talents.

      Anyway, they filmed on a day we were actually working ARGOX on the pilot plant for the COMIBOL metallurgists, who were also here--so I didn't give the young people much time, just a few minutes, because the COMIBOL officials were on site.  They did a fantastic job of editing my babbling.

      Please don't think I always look so beat up, I had been up all night, and the bandaids and large spots are from some lesions taken off by a plastic surgeon a few days before.  You can see the remnants of the black eye from the lesions being cut out.  

      I've worked out of doors all my life and have a light complexion, so I was lucky not to have anything more serious--the take-home moral of my little bout with bad cells--always wear SUNSCREEN!

      Thanks again to Enrique and his friends! 

      Best regards


      Brian McConnell
      CEO, Royal Silver Company
      Celular: +591-774-22275
      Plant: +591-447-60447
      Skype: royalsilver2