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436"The Nihilistic Political Campaign against the Chevy Volt...and American Industry": My New Post for Renewable Energy Magazine

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  • Michael Hoexter
    Mar 20, 2012
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      Dear Friends and Colleagues,

      I now have a new blog post up on for Renewable Energy Magazine that deals with the campaign of the American right-wing media against the Chevy Volt and the implications of this for a more generalized green industrial policy in the US.


      As part of my research, I actually took a test drive in a Volt and it really is quite a nice car that should appeal to a sizable portion of the American market.   The effects of the media campaign against the Volt are potentially very damaging, leading to lay-offs and GM giving up on yet another EV (though luckily this one will also be marketed in Canada and Europe).

      The focus of the article is however on the implications more generally for how the right-wing media (along with their political clients in Congress) have campaigned against a green industrial policy.   

      I put forward the notion that to effectively combat this campaign we need to put our discussions of economic and industrial policy on the footing of a much more realistic conception of how corporations and economies work, rather than the speculative neoclassical theories taught in Economics 101.   If we always allow our discussion partners to state or imply that there is an ideal state of affairs where government is not required to help run an advanced industrial economy, we are conceding the field to the loony Right.  It helps to rediscover the work of John Kenneth Galbraith, even though his "New Industrial State" and "Economics and the Public Purpose" are several decades old and, in parts, slightly out of date.

      Please post or send you thoughts and comments!

      Best regards,

      Michael Hoexter
      Terraverde - Energizing Green Markets
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