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435New Politics Post: "Dennis Kucinich and the Deontological Commitment to Truth"

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  • Michael Hoexter
    Mar 13, 2012
      Friends and Colleagues,

      In reading about the unfortunate but expected ouster of Dennis Kucinich from his long-time Congressional seat, I heard via Glenn Greenwald, that some liberals were celebrating his loss to Marcy Kaptur, a less progressive and less innovative Democrat.  The district had been gerrymandered by Republicans against Kucinich as well as the state overall against Democrats.   I have come to appreciate Kucinich's clarity of mind and bravery on a number of issues including most critically at the moment, issues of state finance which, if leaders submit to the push for austerity, threaten to collapse any policy maneuvering room for right-minded political leaders.  

      In this post, I am holding up Kucinich as an example of a truth-teller, making the distinction between those who tell the truth on a contingent basis and with attention to how it "plays" vs. those like Kucinich who seem compelled to tell the truth, even if it doesn't "look good" or accord with political group dynamics "inside the Beltway".  I apply the distinction in philosophical ethics between utilitarian/consequentialist/pragmatist and deontological meta-ethical frameworks to distinguish between the two orientations. 

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