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434New Politics Post: The Willful World of the American Right Wing

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  • Michael Hoexter
    Mar 2, 2012
      Friends and Colleagues,

      I've written piece that I think gets closer to a characterization of the worldview of the contemporary right-wing in the US, which I am calling "The Willful World of the American Right Wing".

      I am describing a general type that is not a complete description of any one individual but may be applied as a way of making what the Right does understandable but not necessarily any more justifiable, i.e. not morally right.  I think this work can be useful to those who are trying to argue with, fight against, or live with those with right-wing views.  At the end I offer some grounds for productive political arguments that can span political "wings" but do not end up in mere eclecticism or mindless "centrism".

      To my colleagues and friends working in the area of climate and energy, I believe that even though efforts are made to say that "both sides" are resistant to change, the Right is far more vocal and active in its efforts to torpedo climate action.  Therefore my primary focus on this political orientation.

      Please post or send your comments!  

      All the Best,


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