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427New Politics Post: "Pathology of the Will: A Theory of the Contemporary Right Wing in America" Part 1

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  • Michael Hoexter
    Nov 4, 2011
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      Dear Friends and Colleagues,

      The latest post on my politics blog, Politics 2100 is an effort to characterize what IS the craziness of the contemporary American Right.  In this post, I come up with a new description, a "pathology of the will" or "excessive willfulness" to describe the individual/group pathology of the contemporary American Right.  This is just the beginning of a series of posts on this topic, as there are a lot of ramifications of this topic that need to be explored in more depth than is possible in this form.  

      This is the first of two parts and there will be as well a PDF version for those who prefer reading in that form.  At the heart of my argument in this part are 11 "signs" of the pathology.

      This was pretty carefully written, so if you're looking for a full-bore put down (which is perhaps in order anyway) this isn't it and its carefulness in certain areas might annoy you.

      All the Best,


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