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419Two (Constructive) Critiques of Pres. Obama: Obama vs. the "Barbarians"// Obama's Uncritical Absorption of Beltway Wisdom

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  • Michael Hoexter
    Jul 1, 2011
      Friends and Colleagues,

      In the last ten days I've written two analyses/critiques of Obama's strategy which I would like to share with you.  The hour is late and Obama appears to be foundering and/or selling out the American people and the future; these blog posts are my attempts to help by telling what I perceive to be the truth.  I've lambasted (and lambaste here) the obstructionist Republicans but cannot spare President Obama given his ineptitude in certain crucial matters.  The instrument of government in the US is in critical condition.

      Post 1:  "President Obama has Let the Barbarians In...Now We (or He) are Going to Have to Drive Them Out"

      In this post, I use the term "barbarians" I believe in a way that overcomes some of its use as simply a pejorative.  There is a culture clash in Washington and I use the idea of a "barbarian" to describe the Republican and certain sectors of the business elite's attitude toward power and economics.  The subheadings are:
      1. The Modern Romance of the Barbarian/Outsider-Warrior
      2. Barbarian Economics
      3. President Obama Steps into the Trap
      4. Allowing the Citadel of the People and of the Economy to be Overrun
      5. Kicking Out the Barbarians
      I realize that the term "barbarian" may offend but I am willing to walk this line to get these points across.

      Post 2:  "President Obama's Persistent Strategic Error:  Mistaking Inside-the-Beltway Reality for "Real" Reality"

      In this post I try to locate a single central mistake that is not a fixed personal characteristic of the President that accounts for what are now discussed, at least in progressive circles, as around 12 major strategic errors that Obama has made in the last 2 years.  I catalogue these 12 errors and propose an explanation for 10 of them.   I believe that Obama's persistent mistake that might be viewed as "cognitive" is that he views "Inside-the-Beltway" reality as realer than the "real " reality which most non-politicians live in.  In ordinary times, this mistake might not have as grave consequences, as after all, Obama is a politician.  But now there is a requirement for a real engagement of government with a foundering economy and an energy system in crisis.

      The subheads are:
      1. Obama's Political Mistakes Catalogued
      2. The Construction of Beltway Political Reality
      3. "Real-er" Reality
      4. President Obama has made himself a Prisoner of Beltway Political Reality
      5. Obama Reinforces a System of Republican Privilege
      6. Turning the Tide
      Please send your thoughts and comments!

      All the best,


      Michael Hoexter
      Terraverde - Energizing Green Markets
      Belmont, CA 94002

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