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410Feed-in tariff action week, NV Legislature

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  • Bob Tregilus
    Apr 11, 2011
      Hi FIT supporters -

      Please help us get a FIT adopted in Nevada. Please follow the simple instructions below to send a brief message our Senate Committee on Energy. We need to get our bill out of Committee by the 15th or it will die.

      And our Senators would be particularly interested in hearing from you if you are an energy professional, a manufacturer, or other business that might be interested in investing in Nevada if there were a FIT in our state.


      Be well,
      Bob Tregilus
      775 826-4514

      Policy analyst / organizer -
      Feed-in Tariffs for Nevada (FIT4NV)
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      Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff eNEWS:   supporting SB184 in the Nevada Legislature!

      It's Feed-in Tariff action week at the Nevada Legislature!

      URGENT ACTION is requested for Monday (Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest) by emailing Senator Mike Schneider and indicating your support for SB184 to create a Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff in Nevada! (Simple copy & paste instructions follow.)

      All bills must be out of committee by April 15th or they will die for the 2011 session.

      A renewable energy Feed-in Tariff (FIT)—where the term "tariff" is a "rate" paid, not a tax—pays any operator a fair "rate" to generate and "feed" renewable energy (RE) into the electric grid.

      If you are interested in seeing a FIT—time tested as the world's most successful policy tool for accelerating growth in renewable energies at least cost to ratepayers—adopted in the state of Nevada, please take the following action NOW!

      # STEP 1: Simply open a fresh email and copy & paste the following information and send it to Senator Mike Schneider, his policy advisor, his secretary, and the committee manager.

      # STEP 2: Please copy & paste the following four addresses into the "to:" field of your email:

      mschneider@..., young@..., psaponaro@..., bkaminski@...

      # STEP 3: Your subject line should read:

      SB184 feed-in tariff

      # STEP 4: Please copy & paste the following note into the body of your email (feel free to personalize your email however you like or use this template):

      Dear Senator Schneider & Commerce, Labor, and Energy Committee members:

      I would like to see a multiple-technology renewable energy feed-in tariff (FIT) program, as outlined in SB184, adopted in the state of Nevada in 2011.

      A FIT will complement net-metering programs by creating a separate and distinct market for renewable energy technologies where there is little or no onsite load. Also, a FIT will create a program for renewable technologies such as biogas, wind, waste heat recovery, and others where none presently exists.

      Nevada is often overlooked as a potential headquarters for renewable energy innovation and manufacturing. However, I believe that the adoption of a multiple technology feed-in tariff program would signal to the industry that Nevada has the vision and desire to lead in renewable energies. The marketplace created by a cutting edge feed-in tariff program could mark a "tipping point" that would mobilize the capital necessary to launch Nevada's economic recovery.

      With California, the eighth largest economy on the planet immediately to our west, as well as a favorable business climate to draw industry to Nevada, we are well positioned to supply equipment for not only renewable energy development in our state, but especially to neighboring states—first, however, we must send a clear signal to the renewable energy industry that Nevada is ready to do business. Feed-in tariffs are the power to renew our economy!

      Thank you for supporting a FIT in Nevada!

      [YOUR NAME]

      # STEP 5: Click "send" and you're done!

      Thank you so much for your time and consideration, your help is very much appreciated!

      Be well,
      Bob Tregilus
      775 826-4514

      Policy analyst / organizer -
      Feed-in Tariffs for Nevada (FIT4NV)


      SB184 will create a feed-in tariff program for multiple technologies and project sizes from 100kW to 3MW in the state of Nevada. Presently, Feed-in Tariffs for Nevada (FIT4NV) is working to create a commentary renewable energy package (bill) that will bolster existing net-metering programs while addressing the renewable energy "program gap" as identified by the PUCN for projects where there is little or no onsite load as well as an array of renewable technologies that are not addressed under existing programs.

      For more details, please visit our website at http://www.FIT4NV.org or download our economic assessment and impacts of a state FIT program at http://www.fit4nv.org/FIT4NV_CreatingRE_MarketsES_Finalv9.pdf

      And remember: For less than the cost of a single donut per month to the average ratepayer, feed-in tariffs are the power to renew Nevada's economy!

      Some would have us believe that Nevada's best days are behind us—that we must resign ourselves to what we have momentarily become. We dare not go down that road. We must have the optimism to remind each other that Nevada's long history is one of opportunities realized. Of succeeding even when others said we couldn't. If we make the tough choices—the right choices—we will be rewarded with a dramatically different future. I believe this. I believe it can be done. And I am optimistic that Nevada's best days are yet to come.
      —Governor Brian Sandoval, Inaugural Address, 01/03/2011, (emphasis added)

      I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.
      —Mark Twain, Autobiography

      Have you, or your organization, endorsed the FIT4NV resolution?

      We need your help if we expect to adopt the world's most successful policy tool for spurring economic development, high-tech manufacturing, and deployment of renewable energies in Nevada—at least expense to ratepayers and no cost to government!

      It's easy, it will only take a minute, and will really help us get the a FIT law passed!

      So do it now—we must show our legislators that the people are interested in being paid for generating clean energy and feeding it into the electric grid!

      Please endorse at the FIT4NV website NOW!

      For more details, please visit our website at http://www.FIT4NV.org or download our economic assessment and impacts report on a Nevada state FIT program!
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      And if you think your friends would be interested in this FIT4NV eNews, please forward this email to them!

      FIT4NV: The Power to Renew Nevada's Economy!