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349Public hearing on modification of energy generation.

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  • George M Coladonato
    Apr 2 10:16 AM
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      Thank you for you availability on this important topic. The president said again yesterday that his administration will support our country becoming energy independent and that funding will be made available for new technologies to help in this effort.
      We have seen great advancements on many fronts to take advantage of using our many renewable energy sources. The plane the president was standing in front of is powered in part on bio mas.
      I believe using these resources to their highest and best use has many advantages. I am trying to get documentation on the amount of renewable energy that could be produced on one acre of land while having the smallest environmental impact. 
      Hydroponic farming is much more efficient than dirt farming, uses less water and produced very healthy crops. Having the option to generate all the energy necessary to support these farms, given equally to all sources, would help in many ways and make a very small foot print.
      When I get comparative numbers I will share them with you and maybe some of the people copied on this letter will give you their input as well.
      Please let me know when we can speak before the PC or Board and express our views.

      Be well,