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Andy Grove@PlugIn2008; PHEVs@Hybridfest; Cascadia in September

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  • Felix Kramer
    News of three major events: * Former Intel CEO Andy Grove has been added as a keynoter to the international conference on plug-in cars. * The third annual
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      News of three major events:

      * Former Intel CEO Andy Grove has been added as a keynoter to the
      international conference on plug-in cars.
      * The third annual "Hybridfest" in Madison Wisconsin features a
      strong focus on PHEVs
      * Save the Dates for the September 4-5 Cascadia/Microsoft conference:
      the Pacific Northwest's headline event
      * Plus pointers to articles about Oregon and Washington plug-in projects

      PLUG-IN 2008 Conference & Exposition in San Jose, CA July 22-24, 2008

      In a major new addition to the program, Andy Grove, former Intel
      chairman and CEO, will provide a keynote address at Plug-In 2008.
      This inaugural three-day international conference will showcase the
      latest technological advances, market research and policy initiatives
      shaping the future of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Grove
      will discuss the critical importance -- and business opportunity and
      viability -- of moving transportation from oil to electricity. Grove
      was TIME Magazine's Man of the Year in 1997 and was named by the
      Wharton School of Business and Nightly Business Report as Most
      Influential Business Person of the Last Twenty-Five Years in 2004.

      Additional highlights of this conference on PHEVs and EVs:
      * A pre-conference battery workshop and 18 breakout sessions with
      80-plus scheduled speakers addressing issues ranging from car buyers
      and PHEVs, to reducing petroleum use with PHEVs, to "smart charging"
      and the home interface, and more.
      * Comprehensive exposition featuring displays including plug-in
      vehicles, batteries and the latest innovations associated with PHEVs
      and electricity infrastructure. Vehicles scheduled for display
      include a plug-in Prius, a Ford Escape PHEV, a PHEV Dodge Sprinter, a
      Ford F-150 PHEV, a plug-in ACE Formula Racing Car, and other plug-in
      and electric vehicles, motorcycles and scooters.

      If you don't attend the whole conference, come to the Public Night,
      Tuesday at 6PM to see the booths on the exposition floor and attend
      the panel discussion on PHEVs and their role in the transportation
      and energy future.

      HYBRIDFEST in Madison, WI July 19-20, 2008 http://www.whybridfest.com

      This third annual event will focus on rising fuel prices and will
      feature a number of PHEVs and a live Prius conversion. Felix Kramer
      is speaking both days.

      From the press release:
      After two years of growing crowds and nationwide publicity,
      Hybridfest continues to amaze the skeptics who thought that a
      grassroots event, organized by volunteers, and held in Madison,
      Wisconsin, would never succeed. The more than 12,000 people who
      visited Hybridfest 2007 would disagree. One of this nation's largest
      events dedicated to clean and sustainable transportation will once
      again be held as part of the Dane County Fair, July 19-20, 2008. Free
      public admission to Hybridfest 2008 will be included with the
      purchase of every Dane County Fair ticket, and parking at the fair is
      free. Most Hybridfest events are scheduled for the air-conditioned
      comfort of the Alliant Energy Center.

      This year's show will include displays by manufacturers, dealers,
      environmental groups, vendors and exhibitors, as well as vehicle test
      drives. Toyota Motor Company, the world's largest auto manufacturer
      and maker of more hybrid vehicles than any other, is proud to again
      be Hybridfest 2008's Diamond Sponsor. Felix Kramer, founder of
      CalCars, will join a varied lineup of speakers on a wide assortment
      of topics including current and future vehicles, as well as various
      environmental, fuel-efficient driving and other technology issues.

      Hybridfest 2008 will again be the "home" for hybrid owners from
      around North America. Owners travel from all across the country and
      Canada, many hypermiling to Madison, to meet, teach and learn with
      other hybrid and fuel-economy enthusiasts like themselves. Visitors
      will have the unique chance to see incredible vehicles in the
      Hybridfest Owners' Vehicle Showcase, and to talk with the owners
      about their real-life driving experiences. Hybridfest 2008 will also
      feature the nation's premier fuel economy competition, the MPG
      Challenge, which will again test some of the world's best hypermilers
      to achieve the best fuel economy over an open-road course. Last year,
      MPG Challenge winners achieved from 60 to 168 MPG in various vehicle classes.

      Sunday speakers include
      Ron DeLong, creator of the ScanGaugeII: Using the XGauge feature in
      the ScanGaugeII
      Wayne Gerdes, owner of CleanMPG.com: Total Cost of Ownership. Why
      You Want to Purchase a Hybrid Today
      Mike Granoff, Head of Oil Independence Policies for Project Better
      Place: electric car infrastructure
      Benjamin Jones, co-founder of ecomodder.com: Modifying Your Car for MPG's
      Peter Koczan, Hybridfest 2007 MPG Challenge participant: Tips and
      Tricks for Maximizing Fuel Economy on the Highway
      Felix Kramer, CalCars.org: The Campaign to Commercialize Plug-In Hybrids
      Richard Krueger, automotive writer and fuel economy instructor: Five
      Easy and Safe Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy
      Francis Voge, Executive Director of Wisconsin Clean Cities:
      information about the "greening" of fleets.

      From the Hybridfest web site....
      Although the public portion of Hybridfest spans two days (Saturday,
      July 19, and Sunday, July 20), as a Hybridfest member you'll have
      access to even more fun:
      * An extra half day of activities on Friday, July 18
      * Post-show activities Saturday evening, July 19
      * Pre-show activities Sunday morning, July 20
      * T-Shirt, Goodie Bag, Showcase rights, awards, door prizes, free
      fair admission, "How-To" sessions, etc.

      BEYOND OIL: Save the Dates September 4-5 in Redmond WA

      "Beyond Oil: Transforming Transportation: A National Demonstration
      Project" Redmond, WA September 4-5 at the Microsoft Conference Center
      Fifth Annual Cascadia-Microsoft Conference on Transportation
      Technology, co-sponsored by Microsoft, the U.S. Department of
      Transportation, the Idaho National Laboratory, PEMCO, Washington DOT
      and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

      The topic of the conference is urgent and timely. With oil over $120
      a barrel and gas approaching $4 a gallon, America will spend $450
      billion this year to buy imported oil, accelerating an unprecedented
      transfer of wealth. Our near total dependence on oil in
      transportation harms national security, the economy and the environment.

      Learn how we can accelerate the day when we have a choice in
      transportation fuels. Hear experts discuss how flexible fuel, plug-in
      hybrid electric vehicles can be combined with advanced vehicle
      software and communications capabilities that will increase safety,
      reduce time in traffic, dramatically decrease emissions and bolster
      national security.

      Hear speakers describe a national demonstration project that can be
      launched this year that would showcase these advanced transportation
      and energy solutions. And hear panels discuss how governments and the
      private sector can work together to create the transformed
      transportation system of the future. Workshops include advanced
      cellulosic biofuels, tolling, traffic management, green highway and
      clean port strategies as well as advanced air, passenger rail and
      marine technologies.

      Register early, as attendance is limited.

      See the article in The Oregonian, "The new span is key to a 'green
      highway'" Sunday, June 29, 2008 by Bruce Agnew and Matt Rosenberg
      from Cascadia, that situates plug-in cars within a larger
      transportation planning context:

      Oregon Utility, Readying for Waves of EVs, Installs Charging Stations
      in Two Cities

      Seattle Mayor Introduces City's First PHEV [report on regional
      13-Prius program]

      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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