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Events: Washington State Conf; MakerFaire Sat-Sun; "Big Solar" Weds

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  • Felix Kramer
    Here are quick promos on two events plus the full schedule for a third, the PHEV conference in Wenatchee. This weekend, we ll be at our fourth Maker Faire
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
      Here are quick promos on two events plus the full schedule for a
      third, the PHEV conference in Wenatchee.

      This weekend, we'll be at our fourth Maker Faire event (3 in San
      Mateo, 1 in Austin, Texas). This is the ultimate "do it your self"
      bonanza, and all those who go say they see at least one astounding or
      inspiring achievement. Go to http://www.makerfaire.com/ for details
      (open late Saturday night). Find us in the Main Building, Green Zone,
      where Plug-In Supply and Luscious Garage (see descriptions at
      http://www.calcars.org/howtoget.html ) are partnering with us in two
      conversions as well as a full schedule of presentations.

      This Wednesday, May 8, in the SRI Auditorium in Menlo Park, is the
      second annual Berkeley-Stanford Clean Tech Conference, this year
      titled Big Solar - Utility Scale Solar Powering Our Future. We
      participated in last year's inaugural event; this one is about one of
      the most important emerging energy sources: solar thermal and solar
      concentrating technologies. Get info/register at http://cleantech.berkeley.edu

      In Wenatchee, in central Washington State, join with CalCars, A123,
      Efficient Drivetrains, Idaho National Lab, Rep. Jay Inslee, the PHEV
      Schoolbus Project and many other speakers in one of the most useful
      information and networking events on plug-in hybrids:

      POWER UP May 8-9 Electrific Transportation Summit, May 8-9, 2008
      Go to http://www.plugincenter.com/index.php?page_id=274
      THURSDAY, MAY 8 - Morning
      8:30am Master of Ceremonies: WA State Representative Mike Armstrong

      9:00am Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Vehicles: Solid endorsement for
      industry growth
      Emergent technologies and global concerns are driving the surge of
      activity and advocacy for the transportation electrification
      movement. Politicians, car manufacturers, environmentalists, energy
      security advocates, Google and the CEO of WalMart are all touting
      plug-in hybrids pushing fuel efficiency over 100 mpg and reducing
      tailpipe emissions. Hear about the progress in electrification of
      vehicles as indicated by: investments in R&D; OEM product rollout
      announcements; a growing number of conferences focused on hybrids,
      electric vehicles, and PHEVs; the increasing array of published
      books, startup companies and pilot projects.
      MODERATOR: Ron Johnston-Rodriguez,Advanced Vehicle Innovations &
      Port of Chelan County, PRESENTING:
      Felix Kramer, CalCars

      9:45am Electric Fuel for EVs & PHEVs: Battery technologies,
      lifetimes and recycling
      The "fuel tanks" for electrons are evolving. Small, lightweight
      lithium-ion batteries are key to the optimization of electric and
      plug-in hybrid vehicles in the near-term. This session will summarize
      the competing lithium chemistries, operating characteristics and
      economic challenges as well as opportunities that lie ahead. Battery
      lifetimes, re-use opportunities and recycling will be discussed for
      lead acid, nickel-metal-hydride and lithium batteries.
      MODERATOR: Mike Armstrong, WA State Representative; PRESENTING:
      Jim Francfort, Idaho National Laboratory
      Sanjeev Choudhary, A123 Systems/Hymotion

      11:00am Smart Grid and PHEVs: Vision and opportunity for utilities
      How will the electrification of transportation impact an already
      strained grid? As utilities begin investing in "smart grid"
      technologies on the path towards greater efficiency, the integration
      of EVs and PHEVs present a new set of challenges. Where and when will
      these vehicles plug in? Is the electric fuel supply available?
      Challenges lead to opportunities, as PHEVs / EVs have the promising
      potential to feed power back to the grid (V2G). Enabling
      technologies are in development. Hear from experts on technical,
      financial, legal and practical challenges and opportunities.
      MODERATOR: Jim White, Chelan County PUD, PRESENTING:
      P.S. Reilly, Athena Institute
      John Clark, V2Green

      1:30pm Putting the best into PHEVs: Clean renewables and bio-fuels
      Plug-in hybrids running on batteries charged by clean renewables and
      an engine powered by bio-fuels is the "best case" model described by
      many PHEV visionaries. This session will focus on the convergence of
      PHEVs and EVs with solar, wind, hydro, and bio-fuels, showing how to
      put the best into PHEVs.,
      MODERATOR: Rita Schenck, Institute for Environmental Research and
      Education, PRESENTING:
      David Granatstein, Center for Sustaining Ag and Nat Resources, WSU
      Don Tilton, Director, Green IT Alliance
      Andy Frank, UC-Davis, Center for Hybrid Research

      Getting the best from PHEVs: From reducing emissions to powering homes
      After putting the best in, what benefits do owners get out of their
      PHEVs? This session will focus on a menu of benefits from PHEVs such
      as emissions reduction, noise reduction, fuel cost savings and
      maintenance cost savings. Learn how clean renewable electric power
      stored in PHEVs and EVs can help satisfy future power demands, and
      how vehicles fueled by clean renewables help reduce greenhouse gases.
      Add individual energy independence and we have a recipe for success.
      Melissa Ahern, Washington State University
      Mike Sommers/Will Huggett, ALTEN Energy Solutions

      3:45pm PHEV Pilot Projects: In Washington and across the Nation
      A number of PHEV pilot projects have launched during the past year
      all across the U.S. Research is focusing on batteries, OEM
      prototypes, vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-home, solar and wind-powered
      charging stations and PHEV driver behavior studies. Partners include
      state and local governments, utilities, Toyota, Ford, national
      laboratories, the U.S. Department of Energy, universities, American
      Automobile Association, Google, Ports, cities, and more. Hear what's
      happening around the nation - with a special focus on the Washington
      State PHEV Pilot Project.
      MODERATOR: Tim Stearns, WA State Dept of Community, Trade, Economic
      Development, PRESENTING:
      Ron Johnston-Rodriguez, Advanced Vehicle Innovations & Port of Chelan County
      Jim Francfort, Idaho National Laboratory
      Sanjeev Choudhary, A123 Systems/Hymotion
      John Clark, V2Green
      Jim White, Chelan County PUD

      FRIDAY, MAY 9 - Morning

      9:00am PHEV / EV Projects: Around the world
      The race to reduce fossil fuel use and vehicle emissions is hitting
      its stride across the globe. Increasingly, the strategy is focused on
      electrifying vehicles. Hear how, and by whom, vehicle electrification
      is being addressed in Mexico, Asia, Canada and Europe.

      MODERATOR: Bruce Agnew, Cascadia Center, PRESENTING:
      Victor Juarez, Clean Vehicle Research Institute
      Andy Frank, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.

      10:30am Charge It: The logistics of charging opportunities
      Where and how will electrified vehicles plug in? The few PHEVs on the
      road today just require a simple extension cord and a standard 110v
      outlet. However, the forecasted deployment of tens of thousands of
      PHEVs and more EVs will create a demand for outlets in public places,
      motels/hotels, shopping areas, at the workplace and home. Some
      vehicles may even charge from 220v outlets. Electrical standards and
      codes vary, and safe charging concerns have become an issue. As
      utilities upgrade to "smart grid" technologies, vehicles will likely
      need to incorporate "smart appliance" technologies to optimize
      integration with the electric grid. This session will explore the
      factors that will affect the design of next-generation charging
      hardware and accessories, elements of home/garage design, charging
      stations, public policy and how consumers will interact with their
      vehicles and utilities.

      MODERATOR: Mike Armstrong, WA State Representative, PRESENTING:
      David Sittauer, Fleet Manager, City of Edmonds
      Felix Kramer, CalCars
      Michael Kintner-Meyer, Pacific NW National Laboratory
      Jim White, Chelan County PUD
      John Clark, V2G

      1:00pm Federal Legislation and Apollo's Fire: U.S. Congressman Jay Inslee,

      1:30pm Heavy Duty PHEVs: Buses and Beyond
      PHEV technology has been successfully demonstrated in delivery vans,
      SUVs, and a few utility trucks. Shuttle buses are reportedly
      in-the-works. But the largest heavy duty PHEVs on the road today are
      school buses - and they are poised to demonstrate PHEV technology on
      a national scale next year. You'll hear about exciting innovations
      and expectations for the future from those making it happen on a
      national, regional and local scale.

      MODERATOR: Mike Armstrong, WA State Representative, PRESENTING:
      Ewan Pritchard, Advanced Energy, PHEV School Bus Buyers Consortium
      Rick Haggard, City of Seattle
      Scott Logan, President, WA State Pupil Transportation Association;
      Dir., Pupil Transportation, Lake Chelan School District

      2:45pm Industry Workforce: Business development, job creation and
      training needs
      Vehicle electrification and its integration with the grid are already
      sparking new business opportunities and expansions. This will
      translate into new clean energy jobs across the spectrum of design,
      research, manufacturing and marketing as well as servicing of
      vehicles, charging stations and the grid. The workforce will require
      multiple levels of training in a variety of disciplines, from
      electronics and electrical systems to chemistry. Training needs
      include vehicle maintenance for technicians and fleet managers as
      well as battery safety concerns for emergency responders. This
      session will explore emerging business formations, industry
      forecasts, job creation, training needs and current efforts in
      workforce training.

      MODERATOR: Craig Larsen, Port of Chelan County Commissioner, PRESENTING:
      Roger Slotkin, RS Management, Ltd.
      Eric Leonhardt, Western Washington Univ., Vehicle Research Institute
      Ron Johnston-Rodriguez, Advanced Vehicle Innovations & Port of Chelan County
      4:00pm - Summit Concludes

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      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
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