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North Carolina Announces New PHEV Center

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  • Felix Kramer
    Another regional effort shows up in the news: North Carolina s Governor Mike Easley has announced the creation of the Advanced Transportation Energy Center
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2008
      Another regional effort shows up in the news: North Carolina's
      Governor Mike Easley has announced the creation of the Advanced
      Transportation Energy Center (ATEC) at North Carolina State
      University. Operating as a public/private partnership with some
      initial funding from Duke Energy and Progress Energy, it will focus
      research on the charging infrastructure, power grid and advanced batteries.

      This new center joins the Plug-In Hybrid Coalition of the Carolinas
      http://www.plugincarolina.org/plugincarolina.org with HQ in
      Charleston, SC and the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Schoolbus project
      http://www.hybridschoolbus.org/ at Advanced Energy in Raleigh, NC

      Public-Private Partnership Puts N.C. In Forefront Of Growing Technology Sector

      "It is our patriotic duty to free ourselves from dependence on
      foreign oil and become leaders in developing the technology to make
      our nation energy independent," said Easley. "Just as we have done in
      the biotech field, we can position our state to be a hub of activity,
      expertise and a magnet for the new jobs that will emerge as this
      sector of the economy grows."

      "Growth in the use of plug-in hybrid technology and infrastructure
      opens the door for North Carolina and N.C. State to be leaders in
      creating a workforce for advanced transportation," said N.C. State
      Chancellor James L. Oblinger. "N.C. State was selected to house the
      Advanced Transportation Energy Center because of our proven research
      capacity and expertise in battery and photovoltaic research as well
      as our ability to build the partnerships needed to make the center a success."

      "We must face the challenges of global climate change together and
      this partnership will lead the way in alternative energy innovation,"
      said Bill Johnson, Chairman, President and CEO of Progress Energy
      Inc. "We are proud to be a key partner in supporting this
      cutting-edge research center that will seek to reduce greenhouse gas
      emissions, secure our energy future and bring new jobs to our state."

      "It is the North Carolina way to take bold steps," Easley said. "With
      the dawn of the 21st century, North Carolinians have emerged as
      innovators and leaders in education, technology and the environment.
      It is time for us to take the lead in the new energy economy."


      Raleigh Observer

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