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Automotive X-Prize: 31 Teams at Starting Gate

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  • Felix Kramer
    The race to transform the automotive industry is happening on many levels. Now the Automotive X-Prize has announced the names of 31 initial teams that have
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2007
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      The race to transform the automotive industry is happening on many
      levels. Now the Automotive X-Prize has announced the names of 31
      initial teams that have signed "letters of intent to compete" to
      build 100+MPG equivalent cars. They're from five countries, and many
      more are expected. Many of the competitors incorporate variants on
      PHEV or all-electric soutions, as well as combinations with
      lightweight materials. (We last wrote some comments and perspective
      on the Prize in April at <http://www.calcars.org/calcars-news/738.html>.)

      Read the X-Prize announcement at
      <http://auto.xprize.org/news/8_1_07.html>. There you can find a team
      list; below is the list enhanced by MSNBC science editor Alan Boyle
      at Cosmiclog
      <http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2007/08/01/300979.aspx>; at a
      report/interview at that URL you can also read more about the
      hoped-for schedule, sponsors, and comments from X Prize Executive
      Director Donald Foley on prospects that large automakers will join
      in. And you can go to either URL to find the original live links to
      the teams' websites.

      * Aptera Motors, California. Plug-in electric.
      * Commuter Cars Corp., Washington state. Plug-in electric.
      * Cornell University, New York. Hybrid.
      * DEHyds, Washington state. Danzer-cycle internal combustion /
      hydraulic hybrid.
      * Delta Motorsport, Britain. Lightweight fuel-cell / electric hybrid.
      * Desert Fuel, Arizona. Biodiesel / electric hybrid, with steam and solar.
      * Disruptech, California.
      * Dragonfly Technology, Britain.
      * Fuel Vapor Technologies, British Columbia, Canada. Gasoline vapor fuel.
      * GreenIt!, Oregon. Plug-in electric.
      * Herf Duo, Berlin, Germany.
      * HyKinesis, California. Hybrid.
      * Kinetic Vehicles, Oregon. Lightweight cyclecar kits.
      * Kuttner Doran Inventions, Virginia. Diesel-electric hybrid (see comments).
      * Loremo AG, Munich, Germany. Diesel-powered lightweight.
      * Maine Automotive X, Maine. Gasoline-powered lightweight.
      * MDI and Zero Pollution Motors, New York. Electric / compressed air.
      * Michigan Vision, Michigan.
      * MotoTron Corp., Wisconsin. Hybrid.
      * Phoenix Motorcars, California. Plug-in electric.
      * Prometheus Systems, Arizona. Solar-electric.
      * Porteon Electric Vehicles, Oregon. Electric.
      * Psycho-Active, Georgia. Internal combustion with drive-train innovations.
      * Roane Inventions, Texas. Electric-road-rail hybrid.
      * Society for Sustainable Mobility, California. Hybrid.
      * Spirit One, Alberta, Canada.
      * Tesla Motors, California. Plug-in electric.
      * Valentin Technologies, Wisconsin. Internal combustion engine with
      hydrostatic power train.
      * Velozzi, California. Plug-in electric.
      * X Tracer, Winterthur, Switzerland.
      * ZAP Motors, California. Electric or gasoline-powered lightweight.

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      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
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