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PHEVs International: Events in Manitoba, Reykjavik, and Beyond

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  • Felix Kramer
    PHEV advocates campaign to build awareness and support in the US has been successful. These days, the benefits of plugging in, and more broadly, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2007
      PHEV advocates' campaign to build awareness and
      support in the US has been successful. These
      days, the benefits of plugging in, and more
      broadly, the importance of electrifying
      transportation, are now broadly discussed among
      drivers, journalists, entrepreneurs and elected
      officials, in online forums, town halls,
      academia, corporate HQs and legislative chambers.
      Of course, we still have big challenges to bring the automakers along!

      Globally, however, we've only just begun put to
      PHEVs on the map. For years, among others, Prof.
      Andy Frank, first Bob Graham and then Mark Duvall
      from EPRI, and Roger Duncan from Plug-In
      Partners, have travelled tirelessly promoting
      PHEVs. And we're seeing encouraging signs among
      our neighbors north and south: Mexico City's
      newly formed Electro Autos Eficaces de Mexico has
      just committed to convert 2,000 Nissan cars to
      electric. And Ontario just established a US
      $612M "Next Generation Jobs" fund for clean transportation and fuels.

      A look at the geographical breakdown of visitors
      to CalCars.org in the past 10 days demonstrates
      the opportunity: North America 85.8%; Europe
      8.7%; Asia 2.5%; Oceania 1.7%; Central/South
      America and Caribbean 0.6%; Africa 0.3%.

      Now, time and resources permitting, we're
      bringing our strategic and promotional approach
      in person to the international campaign. Our
      first international foray was Ron's trip to
      Brussels for Avere
      Below is information about events we'll attend in Iceland and Canada.

      We're also looking for any opportunities to
      facilitate the permanent placing of PHEVs in many
      countries. This remains a large logistical and
      financial challenge. But it's worth doing because
      daily demonstrations of a car with existing
      technology using today's infrastructure has an
      incalculable impact. One of our great ambitions
      is to place PHEVs front-and-center on global
      warming at major events for thought-
      and-action-leaders. For the International Panel
      on Climate Change's Working Group III
      (highlighting solutions), our last-minute efforts
      to get contributions and in-kind help to bring a
      car to Bangkok in April were insufficient. We're
      starting now to look at the next big opportunity:
      to bring a car, probably converted in Australia,
      to the meeting that formulates what will follow
      Kyoto; the UN Framework Convention on Climate
      Change, December in Bali. If you know anyone with
      deep pockets who appreciates our efforts, we'd like to talk!

      The Plug-in Highway Network's PHEV2007 Conference:
      "Where the Grid Meets the Road"

      The conference will focus on the range of
      opportunities and challenges that Plug-in Hybrid
      Electrical Vehicle (PHEV) present for sustainable
      transportation. It will provide a forum for
      collaboration amongst industry, academia,
      utilities, governments and institutions to
      understand how PHEV technologies integrate into
      current and future transportation systems and the electrical power grid.

      The conference will focus in part on:
      * establishing a Canadian network of researchers
      focused on PHEV related issues,
      * focus on the simulation of advanced vehicles to
      optimize the effective use of renewable resources,
      * reviewing on-going demonstrations PHEV project across North America, and
      * discussion of the possible role of Canadian
      government in supporting PHEV development.

      Keynoters include:
      -Dr. Andy Frank, UCDavis, California, USA:
      -Dr. Ali Emadi, Illinois Institute of Technology
      and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc., Chicago, USA
      -Bill Moore, Editor EVWORLD Omaha, Nebraska, US
      -Felix Kramer, Founder California Cars Initiative, Cal Cars
      -Roger Duncan, Austin Power
      -Chelsea Sexton, President of Plug-in America
      -Jasna Tomic, University of Delaware, Fuels
      Program Manager, WestStart- CALSTART
      -Dan Eberle, American Solar Challenge Advanced Vehicle Competitions
      -Phil Shear, Argonne National Laboratories (PSAT)
      -Ewan Pritchard, Hybrid Program Manager, Advanced Energy

      Registration is in Canadian dollars, $265
      on/before August 15, then $355. Go to
      I'll also be leading the "Public Forum" session,
      which will bring together a panel of
      the keynoters with hundreds of people from the public at large (no fee)

      The First Annual Conference on Renewable Energy for Vehicles

      Meet the people pioneering the worldwide trend of
      renewable energy for vehicles and explore
      business opportunities and policy cooperation.

      Iceland is a global leader in renewable energy
      with 72% of its total energy consumption from
      hydro- and geothermal sources. Nearly 100% of the
      country´s houses are heated with renewables and
      nearly 100% of the electricity is generated from renewable sources.

      Renewable energy for vehicles is the next step.

      The majority of the country´s 190,000 vehicles
      are in the small capital area, making Reykjavík
      the ideal test market for transforming the
      vehicle fleet to run on renewable energy.

      Join international energy experts, visionaries,
      policy makers and financiers to help shape the
      future of renewable energy for vehicles through a
      powerful exchange of views in this unique setting.

      Sustainable energy and electric cars
      - Dr. Ulf Bossel, European Fuel Cell Forum, Switzerland

      The case for Ethanol
      - Per Carstedt, CEO SEKAB, Chairman Bio Alcohol Fuel Foundation (BAFF), Sweden

      Ford Alternative Fuel Vehicles
      - Jan Brentebraten, Director, Alternative Fuel
      Vehicles Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Ford of Europe

      The case for Methanol or how to liquefy hydrogen
      - Baldur Elíasson, Former Head of ABB's Energy
      and Global Change Program, Switzerland

      Creating a Hydrogen Society in Iceland
      - Jón Björn Skúlason, General Manager, Icelandic New Energy, Iceland

      Stockholm Success Story
      -Gustaf Landahl, Director, Clean Vehicles
      Stockholm, European Coordinator Bio Ethanol for
      Sustainable Transport (BEST), Sweden

      The case for Biogas
      -Björn H. Halldórsson, Managing Director, Metan Biogas Iceland

      Renewable Energy in Transport-Outlook for 2015, 2025 and 2035
      -Professor Þorsteinn I. Sigfússon, Head of
      Iceland Innovation Institute and recipient of the
      Global Energy International Award 2007

      Plug-in hybrids – Best of Both Worlds
      -Felix Kramer, CEO of California Cars Initiative
      – Makers of the world's first plug-in Prius

      Additional Programme:
      Expert guided tour to Reykjavík Energy state of
      the art geothermal power plant. Visit to the Blue Lagoon geothermal outdoor spa

      Registration is 450 Euros (550 with gala dinner)
      at: http://www.islandsmot.is/Forsida/registrationdriving/

      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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