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Seattle Vehicle-to-Grid Forum - June 6,7

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  • Felix Kramer
    Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) describes a world in which the batteries of millions of cars (most parked 23 hours a day) can become a part of a smart power grid. You
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) describes a world in which the batteries of millions
      of cars (most parked 23 hours a day) can become a part of a smart power grid.
      You can see a brief explanation of it and links at
      http://www.calcars.org/vehicles.html (the most resources are at
      <http://www.udel.edu/V2G>http://www.udel.edu/V2G )

      Following is the announcement of a conference that brings together many of
      the key participants in V2G and in advocacy and development of
      grid-connected vehicles (PHEVs/GO-HEVs)

      Press Release (5.17.05) PLEASE DISTRIBUTE

      Sustainable Ballard's
      Alliance of Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum (ASAP)

      "The Seattle Electric Vehicle to Grid Forum"

      Community activists of the non-profit Sustainable Ballard believe that
      Washington State is strategically poised to lead the nation in the
      development, manufacture and implementation of renewable energy
      technologies that will help wean our economy from its addictive dependence
      on non-renewable and dwindling carbon resources such as coal and oil.
      Clean, renewable energy is clearly this country's future. We can spearhead
      it right here in Washington state.

      Day One
      "Technical Symposium on Vehicle To Grid Power"
      Monday, June 6, 2005, 1:00pm to 4:30pm, Bertha Landes Room, City Hall,
      Seattle WA
      600 Fourth Avenue South (entrance on Fifth Avenue)

      A panel of experts will thoroughly cover vehicle-to-grid power at a
      technical level. Planned topics include: comparison of plug-in hybrid with
      battery vehicles, new sources of clean power in the Pacific Northwest,
      modular factories for small-volume vehicle manufacturing, the economics of
      V2G to support renewable energy policy and implementation strategies, and a
      brief hands-on tutorial for calculating basic V2G power and price
      parameters. The presentations will be interspersed with questions and
      discussion with the audience.

      Day Two
      "The Seattle Electric Vehicle to Grid Enterprise (V2G)"
      Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 1:00pm to 4:30pm, Bertha Landes Room, City Hall,
      Seattle WA
      600 Fourth Avenue South (entrance on Fifth Avenue)

      This panel will bring together experts who can present exciting scenarios
      in which we engage and deploy the manufacturing resources and
      highly-trained workforces already in place here in the Pacific
      Northwest. This panel advocates "connecting utility infrastructure with
      automobiles" for the eventual creation, marketing and manufacturing of
      Vehicle to Grid (V2G) in Seattle.

      This forum is sponsored by Climate Solutions, Seattle City Light and
      Sustainable Ballard.

      Forum invitees include:

      Steve Nicholas, Director, City of Seattle's Office of Sustainability and
      Environment. Steve Nicholas works to increase the environmental
      sustainability of City operations and services, and to accelerate the
      adoption of those practices in Seattle-area businesses, households, and
      neighborhoods. In the early 1990s, Steve co-founded Sustainable Seattle, a
      nonprofit organization promoting sustainability awareness and action. He
      currently serves on the Governor's Sustainable Washington Advisory
      Panel. http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/environment

      Jorge Carrasco, Seattle City Light, Superintendent. Jorge Carrasco brings a
      unique combination of insight and more than 30 years experience in the
      manage.0 2 of a large city energy utility. Jorge's vision is focused on
      the needs of our energy future and the role renewables play in meeting
      those challenges. He is responsible for Seattle City Light's commitment to
      emit zero net greenhouse gas emissions. http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/light

      Panel Moderator, Patrick Mazza, Climate Solutions Research
      Director. Patrick Mazza is a veteran journalist and accomplished
      environmental reporter and activist, who leads the research and authoring
      of Climate Solutions' special reports and publications. Patrick
      co-authored the book "Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Climate Change" and
      coordinated the Green Party's global climate position statement to the
      December 1999 Kyoto Climate Summit, endorsed by 65 Green parties on six
      continents. http://www.climatesolutions.org

      Dr. Willett Kempton, Associate Professor and Senior Policy Scientist at
      the University of Delaware. Dr. Willett Kempton is the innovator of the
      electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G), the concept of connecting vehicles to allow
      two-way electrical flow to the power grid. He has developed the concept,
      equations and market analysis in a series of publications and research,
      with students, colleagues and engineers, funded by utilities and public
      agencies. His education combines electrical engineering, computer science
      and anthropology. His career spans 35 years experience in energy systems,
      environmental analysis, and technology policy. His two current research,
      speaking, and publishing foci are V2G and offshore wind power (see
      www.udel.edu/V2G and www.ocean.udel.edu/WindPower).

      Tom Gage, President, AC Propulsion Inc. AC Propulsion manufactures
      electric vehicle propulsion systems and develops world leading
      vehicle-to-grid technology. AC propulsion electric vehicles can source or
      sink grid power at up to 20 kW.. The AC Propulsion,tZero is an electric
      sports car that out-accelerates a Lamborghini, but is more efficient than a
      Honda Insight. http://www.acpropulsion.com

      Dr. Mark Duvall, Manager of Technology Development, Electric Transportation
      Technology Development Manager at EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute),
      a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide collaborative science
      and technology solutions for the electric power industry. Dr. Duvall
      conducts research and technology development efforts in advanced
      transportation, including hybrid system design, advanced energy storage,
      vehicle efficiency, systems modeling, and environmental analysis. His
      primary focus is plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and he oversees a number
      of EPRI research partnerships and collaborations with the automotive
      industry, state and federal agencies, national laboratories, and academic
      research institutions. He currently heads up EPRI's Grid-Connected Hybrid
      Electric Vehicle Working Group (HEVWG) and is EPRI's technical lead for the
      Daimler Chrysler-EPRI Plug-in Hybrid Electric Sprinter Van Program.

      Space is limited to 275 each day. To attend, you must RSVP and receive
      confirmation. Please email us your name, company or organization, phone
      number, address and which day(s) you will attend to
      vic@... by May 31st.

      Invitations to participate in upcoming "Alliance of Sustainable
      Alternatives to Petroleum" (ASAP) quarterly forums are being extended to
      Trade Unions, investors, representatives of local, state, and federal
      government; utility companies; and small, medium and large renewable energy
      companies and is open to the general public.

      ASAP is an educational outreach project of the non-profit organization
      Sustainable Ballard (Washington). http://www.sustainableballard.org "The
      Future of Ballard Is To Make the Future Its Business"
      Contacts for Event: Vic Opperman, 206.789.7646, Vic@...
      Wilson, 360.440.2576, MarkWilsonASAP@...
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