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EDrive Systems announces commercial retrofits to plug in Prius

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  • Felix Kramer
    This is a milestone moment we ve been looking forward to for a long time! We ll follow this post with additional information on how this affects CalCars
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005
      This is a milestone moment we've been looking forward to for a long time!'
      We'll follow this post with additional information on how this affects
      CalCars' plans and goals.


      EDrive Systems Launches New Plug-In Hybrid Technology;
      Technology Allows Hybrid Owners to Fuel Cars From a Home Electrical Outlet

      LOS ANGELES, May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- A gas-optional hybrid technology that
      enables hybrid vehicles to be plugged in and charged by a conventional
      3-prong, 110-volt home electrical outlet will be released today by EDrive
      Systems LLC, a consortium of advanced vehicle technology companies.

      EDrive Systems LLC will present and demonstrate its cutting edge EDrive
      technology as applied in a Toyota Prius on Monday, May 2 through Tuesday,
      May 3 at the Clean Cities Conference being held at the Palm Springs Convention

      By combining gasoline power with electricity from a home recharge, an
      EDrive-equipped vehicle can average 100 to 150 mpg for roughly the first
      60 miles of the day, compared to 45-55 mpg for a conventional Prius. The
      vehicle also has the capacity to run in "electric-only" mode at neighborhood
      speeds, resulting in zero emissions.

      "The EDrive proves that locally produced, potentially renewable
      electricity can displace gasoline today. Why should we have to wait a decade
      or two for the hydrogen economy?" asks Greg Hanssen, a partner in EDrive
      Systems LLC and chief engineer of the EnergyCS development team that led the
      technology innovation. "It really is the ideal fusion of the clean and
      conveniently home refueled electric vehicle with the state of the art gasoline
      hybrid technology. Renewable power with unlimited range."

      And, the timing couldn't be more urgent ...

      In his recent energy proposal, President Bush called for vehicle
      technologies that reduce America's dependence on foreign oil and cut down on
      greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, a historically conservative group of
      31 former national security officials recently wrote a letter to the President
      characterizing America's dependence on foreign oil as a "looming national
      security crisis." They went so far as to endorse the use of "plug power,"
      referring to hybrid vehicles that could potentially be plugged in.

      EDrive technology, an after-market installation, uses one-half to one-
      third of the gasoline used by a conventional hybrid, offering a proven
      solution to this looming crisis.

      "The EDrive benefits both our environment and our national security," said
      Pete Nortman, EDrive Systems LLC partner and President of EnergyCS. "It
      enables environmentally responsible drivers to operate zero emissions vehicles
      locally, and every time the system is charged, it displaces over half a gallon
      of gasoline."

      Of particular significance for the Los Angeles basin, automobiles have
      been cited as the primary contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. With the
      public "buy-in" of EDrive, consumers will gradually be weaned off the pump and
      enjoy the air quality benefits offered in the medium-term.

      "Regardless of whether they use hydrogen fuel cells or batteries, the cars
      of the future will be powered by electric motors, period," said Seth Seaberg,
      a partner in EDrive Systems LLC and CEO of Clean-Tech LLC, distributor of the
      EDrive system. "The technology that gets us there while reducing emissions
      and oil dependency will effectively change the way people think about getting
      from point A to point B."

      EDrive, which has worked with a variety of entities around the United
      States to bring clean fuel technologies to the marketplace, has teamed with
      lithium-ion battery manufacturer Valence Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: VLNC) to
      bring its safe, cutting-edge saphion lithium technology to the public.

      As the level of investment in EDrive continues to grow, more products will
      enter the market at increasingly competitive prices. In the meantime,
      interested parties should contact EDrive directly as product pricing has not
      yet been established. EDrive LLC aims to have an affordable retail option
      available to consumers by 2006.

      More information will soon be available on the EDrive web site at
      http://www.edrivesystems.com .

      The EDrive product is engineered by EnergyCS and distributed by Clean-Tech
      LLC, using Valence Technology, Inc. battery technology.

      Energy Control Systems Engineering provides leading edge consulting,
      design and prototyping services for system integration, management and
      monitoring of electrochemical energy systems such as batteries and fuel cells.
      Based in Monrovia, CA, EnergyCS is focused on and particularly interested in
      applications in the areas of EV and HEV transportation and alternative energy
      on systems from 24 to 400+ VDC. http://www.energycs.com

      Clean-Tech LLC is a Los Angeles-based automotive systems integrator,
      focusing primarily on off-road, light and medium-duty vehicles. Clean-Tech
      develops, builds and commercializes advanced low and zero-emission vehicle
      powertrain systems, including hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV), battery-electric
      (BEV) and hybrid (HEV) drive systems for installation into auto manufacturer
      or purpose-built chassis. Clean-Tech also retrofits auto manufacturer
      internal combustion engines with compressed natural gas fuel systems. In
      addition to providing installation and maintenance services for CARB- and EPA-
      certified, commercial, off-the-shelf conversions, Clean-Tech sells systems of
      its own design under a range of trade names. http://www.clean-tech.com

      Valence Technology is a leader in the development and commercialization of
      Saphion(R) technology, the only safe, large-format Lithium-ion rechargeable
      battery technology. Valence holds an extensive, worldwide portfolio of issued
      and pending patents relating to its Saphion technology and Lithium-ion
      rechargeable batteries. http://www.valence.com

      Media Contact: Katie Romans (916) 240-8077
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