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We're at top Sacramento legislative event April 29

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  • Felix Kramer
    We ll be showing our EnergyCS/EDrive plug-in hybrid Prius at this day-long event focusing on Climate Change in Sacramento on Sat, April 29. It s the annual
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2006
      We'll be showing our EnergyCS/EDrive plug-in
      hybrid Prius at this day-long event focusing on
      Climate Change in Sacramento on Sat, April 29.
      It's the annual Legislative Symposium of the
      Planning and Conservation League
      <http://www.pcl.org>. It's an opportunity to see
      and meet many of the state's top elected
      officials-- McCloskey/Pavley/Angelides//Lockyer and others (details below).

      The event's website, for complete brochure and to
      register, is <http://www.pcl.org/projects/climateofchange/index.html>

      The 2006 PCL Environmental Legislative Symposium
      is less than two weeks away. As everybody knows
      by now, it's going to be a memorable event. But
      will you be there to remember it? Don't miss the
      opportunity to interact with many of the most
      influential environmental policymakers in California today. Sign up now.

      In California it's not just the natural climate
      that is changing. The state's social and
      political climate is changing, too. To meet the
      unprecedented challenges these dramatic changes
      present, policy makers, leaders — all of us —
      must get informed and get organized! You won't want to miss:

      Pete McCloskey, former US Congressman, staunch
      environmentalist and Republican challenger to Congressman Richard Pombo.

      Fran Pavley, State Assemblywoman recognized
      worldwide for authoring landmark climate change legislation.

      Phil Angelides, State Treasurer and Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

      Bill Lockyer, State Attorney General, candidate
      for State Treasurer and former State Senator,
      recognized for prosecuting environmental crimes.

      John Van de Kamp, former State Attorney General
      and PCL's new board President with a long record of environmental achievements.

      Paul Dolan, formerly of Fetzer Vineyards and
      currently with the Mendocino Wine Company, a
      leader in sustainable business practices.

      Michel Gelobter, visionary Executive Director of
      Redefining Progress, leader in the movement for environmental justice.

      Larry J. Schweiger, President and CEO of the
      National Wildlife Federation, America's leading conservation organization.

      Michael Machado, State Senator receiving an award
      from National Wildlife Federation, for his
      dedication to improving California's water policy.

      Sally Lieber, State Assemblywoman, receiving
      PCL's 2006 Legislator of the Year award for
      protecting California's environment from
      polluting automobiles and out-of-control off-highway vehicles.

      Plus more than a dozen panels made up of many of
      the state's leading environmental experts, who
      will talk about achievable solutions to our
      state's most critical issues ranging from urban
      environmentalism to coastal protection, from
      California's water woes to better enforcement of our environmental laws.

      Get the tools to be an effective force for
      change. Know what matters. Register Today.

      Pre-registration deadline is Thursday, April 20,
      2006. Walk-in registration begins at 7:30 am the day of the event.
      Register at
      or call us directly at 916-313-4522. Come be a
      part of creating a sustainable future for California.

      "A Climate of Change," 2006 PCL Environmental Legislative Symposium
      Saturday, April 29th, 2006
      8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
      (With complimentary wine and cheese reception & dinner keynote presentations!)
      Sacramento Municipal Utility District
      Customer Service Building
      6301 S Street
      Sacramento, CA 95817
      $70 for PCL members
      $80 for non-members
      $95 includes registration and a one-year PCL membership: save $10
      $15 Student registration with valid student ID
      $25 Student registration with valid student ID
      and a one-year PCL membership: save $95
      $200 Registration plus MCLE credit for attorneys:
      see PCL’s Accredited Legal Program
      Breakfast $6.50, lunch $8, dinner $17

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      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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