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"Pre-Copenhagen" Books Confirm Plug-In Vehicles as Key Global Warming Solution

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  • Felix Kramer
    With COP-15 less than a month away -- for an unusual coalition s response to the international Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2009
      With COP-15 less than a month away -- for an unusual coalition's
      response to the international "Conference of Parties" of the United
      Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, check out
      http://www.hopenhagen.org -- we're lucky to have three of the
      world's leading advocates and experts, Al Gore, Lester Brown and Guy
      Dauncey, delivering some of the best-ever climate change books
      focusing on solutions. And while not that long ago ago we worried
      that many in the climate change world had not recognized the
      importance of transportation electrification and the near-term
      benefits possible with today's technology, that's no longer the case.

      (Shortly after it goes out on email, this posting will also be
      viewable at http://www.calcars.org/news-archive.html -- there you can
      add CalCars-News to your RSS feed.)

      Find these books at your local bookstore or order them via the link
      at http://www.calcars.org/books.html (the CalCars Books Page):

      * PLAN B 4.0: MOBILIZING TO SAVE CIVILIZATION by the Earth Policy
      Institute's Lester Brown has been substantially revised and expanded.
      It inclludes extended discussions about integrating wind power and
      plug-in cars, and it reviews the water and climate change
      complexities of biofuels. It presents a persuasive description of the
      components for a global transition to a sustainable and more
      equitable world. If you want to show people you're what Amory Lovins
      calls a "practical idealist," buy this book so you can read and be
      able to convey the story on pages 259-261: the all-important
      post-Pearl Harbor mobilization of U.S. manufacturing was led by the
      auto industry. Everyone was skeptical about President Roosevelt's
      call for 60,000 planes -- but the transformed industry turned out
      229,600 in three years. See a review at Climate Progress

      author, speaker and journalist Guy Dauncey, fulfills the promise of
      its title in ways that many "list books" don't: it's comprehensive as
      well as specific. Jumping out of 2-page-spread-by-spread are 35 key
      challenges, then 10 solutions each for individuals, champions,
      communities, businesses, farmers, transportation, energy companies,
      government, and developing nations. It ends with 10 global
      solutions. PHEVs appear prominently in three main solutions, with
      the final one, "Develop a Sustainable Vehicles Strategy" highlighting
      Andy Grove's advocacy of conversion of millions of gas-guzzlers. We
      won't be spoil the plot when we say #101 is "One Solution for All of
      Us: Don't Sit this One Out." You can learn more and order the book
      from the author directly at http://www.theclimatechallenge.ca .
      Disclosure: we're delighted that a CalCars PHEV is among the 15
      photos on the cover (and larger inside)(, and that the inside pages
      include our blurb. We said, "Finally here's a book that combines
      thorough explanations for newcomers with innovative perspectives for
      experts and effective answers for people, industries and
      institutions. The Climate Challenge's imaginative format is
      up-to-date, comprehensive, and immensely handy. It's as if Whole
      Earth Catalog had been reborn 40 years later. Guy Dauncey pulls no
      punches and is deeply, urgently persuasive. Anyone who reads this
      will be moved to act."

      long-awaited sequel to "An Inconvenient Truth." If you felt that
      wake-up call lacked a focus on solutions beyond those for individual
      consumers, now you have a bonanza. Like the other two above, this
      book is comprehensive. In fact, it's almost encyclopedic, reflecting
      the advice of hundreds of experts and including effective
      illustrations and graphics. Though Gore had much help, this is not a
      ghost-written product: you can hear his voice in almost every
      sentence. In the Super Grid chapter a section starting on page 286
      focuses on the benefits of plug-in cars in providing energy storage
      solutions, concluding with a two-page graphic envisioning the future
      grid, with a PHEV plugged in to a house via a grid transmitter and
      smart meter. And it includes an excellent introduction to "black
      carbon." And for those who may say the book has toomuch "wonkish"
      detail, as we see it, there's no need to be defensive about science
      and facts. Michelle Obama understood that when she praised Energy
      Secretary Steven Chu in a Nov. 5 morale-building visit to the DOE,
      saying "we are so incredibly grateful for his leadership. My husband
      loves his Cabinet. He was extremely excited that he had a real nerd
      on his team. (Laughter.) He talked about it for weeks on end."
      And a few days later, Chu agreed with the First Lady telling her, at
      a mock National Science Bowl event, that the competition " elevates
      the social status of nerds everywhere."

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      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
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