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Come to August Events; Save Sept-Oct Dates; Welcome News for CalCars

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  • Felix Kramer
    Here s more info on two events coming up in the next few weeks; some good news for CalCars; and previews on four new national plug-in events. You can also find
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2009
      Here's more info on two events coming up in the next few weeks; some
      good news for CalCars; and previews on four new national plug-in
      events. You can also find the links for all these at the CalCars
      Events page, http://www.calcars.org/events.html

      (Shortly after it goes out on email, this posting will also be
      viewable at http://www.calcars.org/news-archive.html -- there you can
      add CalCars-News to your RSS feed.)

      FESTIVE PLUG IN AMERICA: "Pinots, Plug-Ins and Progress" at a winery
      in the hills above Silicon Valley, Sunday August 9, 4-8PM, features
      good food and drink, movers and shakers from the tech world,
      government and Hollywood, and lots of cars you don't often see:
      Aptera (and its team), Tango, the usual Tesla Roadsters (!). New
      additions to the program include remarks from Jerry McNerny, former
      wind entrepreneur, now East Bay Congressman and the wit of California
      Public Utilities Commissioner Rachelle Cong (no kidding). You may see
      some other surprise visitors. Sign up at
      http://www.pluginamerica.org/party --and via that same URL, if you
      can't be there, you can make a donation or try for the many auction
      items, including vacations, consultations with plug-in experts
      (including Felix Kramer). Plug-in-related goodies include a
      Hymotion/A123 Prius conversion, service at Luscious Garage in SF, and
      a Coulomb charger. Many items will move from the online auction to be
      sold at the live event, but your offer can become an "absentee bid" at the end.

      WELCOME NEWS: Remember the lawsuit filed against The California Cars
      Initiative by two San Clemente companies that sought to prevent us
      from using the nickname CalCars and the website CalCars.org? We've
      been quietly defending the trademark infringement case since April,
      2007. On October 13 last year, we revealed the story at the time of
      the US District Court ruling in our favor that there was no
      likelihood of confusion. The judge granted summary judgment of all
      the claims brought by American Calcar Inc. and Calcar Inc., and their
      separate request for summary judgment was denied.

      The plaintiffs then appealed the district court's ruling dismissing
      the case. However, following continued negotiations, plaintiffs
      withdrew their appeal, and on July 27th, the Ninth Circuit Court of
      Appeals dismissed all of the appeals -- so it's now all over! We
      remain immensely grateful for the pro bono help of the global law
      firm Howrey LLP http://www.howrey.com and the people we acknowledged
      in our posting at CalCars-News, http://www.calcars.org/calcars-news/1012.html .

      A PLUG FOR CALCARS: As proponents of all plug-in vehicles, we work
      closely with Plug In America. We figure this is a good time to
      suggest that you also consider becoming a supporter of CalCars with a
      tax-deductible contribution at http://www.calcars.org/sponsor.html .
      If you've given one or twice since 2003, now's a good time to repeat
      -- with the distraction of the legal battle now history, we can do
      more with your help!

      PUBLIC NIGHT AT PLUG-IN 2009: Some of you may be going to the second
      annual conference in Long Beach, CA August 10-13, 2009 -- see
      www.plugin2009.com . It's not too late to sign up. We'll be running a
      panel on "Plug-In Grassroots and Legislative Advocacy," and there are
      many great speakers and topics. See full program at
      http://www.plugin2009.com/agenda.html . In addition to the conference
      and related exposition, the event will be open to the public on
      Tuesday night. Last year in San Jose, over 1,000 people
      attended....Once again it's only $10 (tickets at the door); this year
      it's at the Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E. Ocean Blvd. Vehicles
      scheduled for display starting at 5:30 include the Chevy Volt, Ford
      550 Plug-In Hybrid Truck, Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid, Plug-In Toyota
      Prius and more. (Vehicle displays subject to change.) This is
      followed at 7:30 by "Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: Getting
      the Message Out" with panelists talking about their adventures in
      crafting educational and entertaining messages about plug-in
      technology, and what the public can do to help shape a plugged-in
      future. Speakers:

      * Mark Duvall (moderator), director, electric transportation,
      Electric Power Research Institute
      * Peter Horton, writer/director, "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Philanthropist"
      * Bill Nye, "The Science Guy"
      * Chris Paine, director, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and the
      forthcoming "Revenge of the Electric Car"
      * Chelsea Sexton, founder, The Lighting Rod Foundation and former
      General Motors EV1 specialist


      * THE BRITA CLIMATE RIDE 2009 September 26-30 (New York City to
      Washington, DC) CalCars is recruiting East Coast owners of Prius
      PHEVs to provide the support vehicles for a five-day charity
      sponsored bike ride to raise awareness of climate solutions. Climate
      Ride is not just a bike ride: it's also a climate conference on
      wheels. Notable riders include Denmark's Ambassador; the German
      Ambassador; No Impact Man, Colin Beavan; the Lazy Environmentalist,
      Josh Dorfman; Save Our Snows founder Alison Gannett; retired
      Executive Director of the American Wind Energy Association, Randy
      Swisher, and more. Kicking off Climate Ride in New York City is
      NASA Climate Scientist Dr. James Hansen, followed later in the week
      by Bracken Hendricks of the Center for American Progress, Mike
      Tidwell of Chesapeake Climate Action Network, and Wood Turner of
      Climate Counts. Reply to this email with the subject line: "Climate
      Ride volunteer" if you're in a position to drive your converted Prius
      for one to five days of the event. http://www.climateride.org

      * PHEV '09 Sepember 28-30, 2009 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). This
      second Canadian conference on "Plug-In Hybrid and Electric
      Vehicles/Vehicules electriques et hybrides rechargables" features a
      broad range of topics as Canada shows signs of evolving at an even
      faster rate than the U.S. toward plug-in vehicles. CalCars' Felix
      Kramer will present at a panel. NOTE: EARLY REGISTRATION CLOSES JULY

      * THE BUSINES OF PLUGGING INOctober 19-21 (Detroit, Michigan). First
      major conference in Motor City on plug-in vehicles, organized by the
      influential Center for Automotive Research http://www.cargroup.org/
      with support from the Michigan Public Service Commission and
      sponsorship by GM and DTE Energy. CalCars' Felix Kramer will present
      at a panel. Details to follow soon. http://www.pev2009.com/

      Beyond Oil: Transforming Transportation October 23-24 (Redmond, WA)
      The sixth annual Cascadia Project TransTech Conference, to be held at
      Microsoft's Redmond campus, will include a strong focus on plug-in
      vehicles. Details soon.

      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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