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Plug-In 2009 Agenda and Signup Info: Long Beach August 10-13

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  • Felix Kramer
    Here s the press announcement and the full agenda of the second annual Plug-In conference, co-sponsored by California s utilities, the Electric Power Research
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      Here's the press announcement and the full agenda
      of the second annual Plug-In conference,
      co-sponsored by California's utilities, the
      Electric Power Research Institute, and Silicon
      Valley Leadership Group. This is the West Coast
      conference where everyone in the industry goes
      (for our coverage of last year's event, see
      several late July-early August postings at
      http://www.calcars.org/news-archive. We'll have
      an information booth and we'll be moderating and
      presenting in a second day panel, "Plug-In
      Grassroots and Legislative Advocacy." We
      encourage you to sign up to attend or exhibit now!

      (Shortly after it goes out on email, this posting
      will also be viewable at
      http://www.calcars.org/news-archive.html -- there
      you can add CalCars-News to your RSS feed.)

      Registration Opens for Plug-In 2009 Conference & Exposition
      International Conference on Plug-In Hybrids,
      Taking Place in Long Beach August 10-13
      To Help Drive Plug-In Industry Forward

      Looking for an opportunity to learn about the
      latest technological advances, market research
      and policy initiatives shaping the future of
      plug-in hybrid electric transportation? Then
      register today for the Plug-In 2009 Conference &
      Exposition (http://www.plugin2009.com/), the
      second annual international conference taking
      place in Long Beach, Calif., from Aug. 10-13, 2009.

      With President Barack Obama calling for 1 million
      plug-in hybrids to be on our roads within the
      next several years and the stimulus bill
      directing $2-billion-plus toward investments
      within plug-in-related technology development,
      infrastructure and deployment, Plug-In 2009 will
      bring together a “who’s who” of industry
      stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on next
      steps in areas such as research, vehicle
      technology, infrastructure requirements, policies
      and regulations, and market development.

      Representatives from automotive manufacturers,
      component suppliers, electric utilities,
      government agencies, academia and the
      environmental community should make plans to
      attend to share best practices, advance policies,
      network, hear from industry leaders and see the
      latest innovations associated with plug-in
      technology – including vehicles and supporting
      electricity infrastructure – on the exposition floor.

      The content-rich agenda for Plug-In 2009 includes
      three plenary sessions, a pre-conference battery
      workshop, a pre-conference plug-in readiness
      workshop, 21 breakout sessions and a public night.

      Plug-in 2009 will build on the highly successful
      inaugural 2008 conference, which attracted more
      than 650 attendees, 35 exhibiting companies and
      more than 100 media representatives.

      PLUG-IN 2009
      AUGUST 10-13, 2009
      Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

      This second annual international conference will
      showcase the latest technological advances,
      market research and policy initiatives shaping
      the development of plug-in hybrid electric
      transportation. Attendees will learn about the
      most recent technical research, the business case
      for plug-ins, the impact of current regulations,
      and clean-tech entrepreneurs’ ideas to enhance
      and expand this market. In addition, the
      exposition floor will feature the latest
      innovations associated with plug-in technology,
      including vehicles, as well as supporting electricity infrastructure.

      Event organizers include the Electric Power
      Research Institute and the Silicon Valley
      Leadership Group. Register today at
      http://www.plugin2009.com/registration.html. For
      exhibit information, log onto
      http://www.plugin2009.com/exposition.html. To see the agenda online, visit

      2 pm - 6 pm
      Pre-Conference Workshops on battery technology
      and on charging infrastructure technology and planning

      Opening Plenary Session: “Building a Plug-In Future”
      Moderator: Carl Guardino, CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
      * Bob Foster, Mayor of Long Beach*
      * Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco
      * TBD, South Coast Air Quality Management District
      * Paul De Martini, Vice President, Advanced
      Technology, Southern California Edison
      * Steve Specker, President & CEO, Electric Power Research Institute

      Plenary Session Panel: “First to Market – The Arrival of Plug-In Vehicles”
      Moderator: Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute
      * Tony Posawatz, Vehicle Line Director, Global
      Electric Vehicles & Chevrolet Volt, General Motors Corporation
      * Commissioner James Boyd, California Energy Commission
      * Mark Perry, Director, Product Planning &
      Advanced Technology Strategy, Nissan North America, Inc.
      * TBD, South Coast Air Quality Management District

      Luncheon Panel: “Telling Stories: Conversations
      with Consumers about PHEVs,” The UC Davis Consumer Research Project
      Moderator: Tom Turrentine, University of California at Davis
      * Ken Kurani
      * Nicolette Caperello
      * Jonn Axsen
      * Tai Stillwater

      1A: EV and PHEV Batteries: Status and Prospects
      * Dr. Kuniaki Tatsumi, National Institute of
      Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
      * Dr. Klaus Brandt, Gaia Akkumulatorenwerke
      * Dr. Ralph Brodd, Broddarp of Nevada Electrochemical Consultation Service

      1B: Infrastructure Impacts of Plug-in Electric Vehicles
      * Dr. Arindam Maitra, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
      * Chris Yang, University of California at Davis
      * Michael Rowand, Duke Energy

      1C: Seamless Technology Rollout
      * Joel Pointon, San Diego Gas & Electric Company
      & Monica Moriarty, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
      * Robert Graham, Southern California Edison
      Mike Waters, Progress Energy
      * Britta Gross, General Motors Corporation

      2A: Battery Systems: Integration and Operation
      * Alvaro Masias, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
      * Dr. Peter Pichler, Magna-Steyr *
      * General Motors Corporation
      * Ford Motor Company

      2B: Standards and Requirements
      * Rich Scholer, Ford Motor Company
      * Jose Salazar, Southern California Edison
      * Ron Thompson, Eaton Corporation

      2C: Public Support for Plugging In
      * Dave Modisette, CalETC
      * Peter Ward, California Energy Commission*
      * Dennis A. Smith, U.S. Department of Energy, Clean Cities Program*
      * Joah Iannotta, U.S. Government Accountability Office*

      Public Night

      3A: Electric Drive Systems
      * Stuart Evans, Delta-Q Technologies
      * Kathryn Miles, EETrex, Inc.

      3B: Electricity as a Low Carbon Fuel
      * Sonia Yeh, University of California at Davis
      * Marcus Alexander, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
      * Eladio Knipping, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
      * TBD, South Coast AQMD

      3C: Learning from Experience – Infrastructure for Plug-In Vehicles
      * Rue Phillips, SunPower Electric
      * David Packard, ClipperCreek

      4A: Vehicle Testing
      * Jordan Smith, Southern California Edison & Bryan Coley, Southern Company
      * Jim Francfort, Idaho National Laboratory
      * Kevin Nesbitt, University of California at Davis
      * Ed Innes, Manitoba Hydro

      5B: Smart Grid Integration
      * Chris Chen, San Diego Gas & Electric Company
      * Saul Zambrano, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

      5C: Plug-In Grassroots and Legislative Advocacy
      * Felix Kramer, CalCars
      * Jay Friedland, Plug In America
      * Anne Korin, Set America Free Coalition

      6A: Non-Road Electric Transportation
      * Andra Rogers, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
      * Eladio Knipping, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
      * Charlie Flynn, CenterPoint Energy
      * Ben Chavdarian, Port of Long Beach
      * Jamie Knapp, J Knapp Communications

      6B: Smart Charging Technologies
      * George Bellino, General Motors Corporation
      * Sunil Chhaya, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
      * Allan Schurr, IBM Global Energy & Utilities Industry
      * Richard Lowenthal, Coulomb Technologies

      6C: Scaling Up from an Idea to Production
      * Tom Gage, AC Propulsion
      * John Waters, Bright Automotive

      THURSDAY, AUGUST 13 8:30-Noon
      7A: Battery Electric Vehicles
      * Chrysler Corporation
      * David Patterson, Mitsubishi Research and Design America
      * Ford Motor Company

      7B: Ideas for Public Infrastructure
      * Takafumi Anegawa, Tokyo Electric Power Company
      * Serge Roy, Hydro-Que´bec
      * E´lectricite´ de France

      7C: Medium and Heavy Duty PHEV Electrification
      * Jordan Smith, Southern California Edison
      * Joe Dalum, Odyne
      * Matthew Smith, Navistar

      Infrastructure Plenary Session Panel
      Moderator: Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute
      * Bill Boyce, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
      * Richard Lowenthal, Coulomb Technologies
      * Sven Thesen, Better Place
      * Ron Thompson, Eaton Corporation

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      Felix Kramer fkramer@...
      Founder California Cars Initiative
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