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National Plug In Day This Weekend + Update on DrivingElectric.org

With the plug-in hybrid increasingly successful as a vehicle type, we have refocused our attention to ensuring the broad success of plug-in cars. Here's some
Felix Kramer
Sep 25, 2013

The State of the Plug-In Campaign & The Future of DrivingElectric

A month ago, Felix Kramer, Founder of CalCars.org and DrivingElectric, gave a 15 -minute update to the annual meeting of the Electric Auto Association, held
Felix Kramer
Mar 28, 2013

Conversion Fire: Batteries Still Intact; Investigation Continues

Here's what we've found out so far about the fire in Ron's converted Prius and how to donate. On a second topic, we're also including a pointer to a new
Felix Kramer
Mar 12, 2013

CalCars' First Prius Conversion Destroyed in Fire

CalCars' first Prius, converted to plug in by advocates in 2004, updated in 2010 with a commercial system, was destroyed in a fire on Wednesday. It's a sad end
Felix Kramer
Mar 7, 2013

Get "Butts in Seats" Part 2: Plug In America's Charged Up! Guide

Plug In America has just released "Charged Up!: The Definitive Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles, 2013. This fourth edition's 68 pages showcases 17 production
Felix Kramer
Feb 20, 2013

Get "Butts in Seats" Part 1: Electric Auto Association

You haven't heard from us on CalCars-News in a while. Thanks to you, our 7,000 subscribers. We hope that you, along with other plug-in drivers and advocates,
Felix Kramer
Feb 20, 2013

DrivingElectric Launches & Nissan Exec Lauds Drivers at Nat'l Plug I

We bring you a quick excerpt from a talk at National Plug In Day in San Franciso by a Nissan Executive confirming what we've been saying: that plug-in drivers
Felix Kramer
Sep 27, 2012

National Plug In Day+DrivingElectric: Invitations for Sunday & Befor

We have three exciting items today: * Participate somewhere Sunday in National Plug In Day (and maybe win an iPad). * If you're a plug-in driver, sign up today
Felix Kramer
Sep 20, 2012

Nat'l Plug In Day & DrivingElectric Soon; CEO Posawatz; EV Riders

Our focus on CalCars has largely shifted to the extremely urgent project of building demand for all plug-in cars. Without that, their future is not assured.
Felix Kramer
Sep 11, 2012

Our Take on Important Recent Developments + Announcing DriveElectric

It's been a long time since we've posted to CalCars-News. Reasons include personal distractions for the main people involved, and our consideration about the
Felix Kramer
Jul 23, 2012

What's Dragging Down the Volt? And What Can We Do Now?

Many plug-in advocates have been feeling frustrated about the Chevy Volt. It's an inspiring example of innovation, a milestone of advanced technology, and a
Felix Kramer
Mar 7, 2012

Just Published: "Charged Up & Ready to Roll" from Plug In America

Plug In America's third annual consumer guide to plug-in cars is now out in print and digital media. You're sure to discover treasures in this 64-page glossy
Felix Kramer
Feb 23, 2012

Thanks, Sierra Club, For Coming Clean on Natural Gas

This morning we're learning that the Sierra Club received $30 million from a natural gas company to fight coal, until its incoming Executive Director got the
Felix Kramer
Feb 6, 2012

Volt Safety Confirmed; New PHEVs Announced; Countering Media Misinfo

January brings good news about the resolution of issues about Volt safety, announcements of many new PHEVs to come, many new sources of anti-plug-in criticism
Felix Kramer
Jan 23, 2012

Volt Owners Say, "We're Keeping Our Keys"

Here's the latest version of the letter that's been evolving online for the past few days and has now started to hit the media, starting with Green Car Reports
Felix Kramer
Dec 2, 2011
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