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1076Earle Brucker Jr.

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  • Bob Gardner
    Apr 1, 2009
      Earle Brucker Jr., the longtime promoter and owner of Cajon Speedway, passed away peacefully early Saturday morning. He was 83 years old.

      Earle's dad obtained a 50 year lease on the land that was to become Cajon Speedway back in the 1950's. The plan was to develop a spring training facility for the Detroit Tigers. Those plans never came to fruition.

      Instead a facility for high school football and a motorcycle track was built. In 1961 San Diego's Balboa Stadium was closing down. The elder Brucker was approached by El Cajon business and racecar owner Tom Jackman about putting in a ΒΌ mile track. Cajon Speedway opened on July 15, 1961.
      Earle Brucker Jr. was the mainstay at the track during the first 25 years that Cajon Speedway operated. In the late 1980's he turned the day to day operation of the track over to his son's Steve and Kevin.

      Even after Steve and Kevin took over day to day operations, Earle Brucker Jr. was still there. He regularly came down to the track and walked around the speedway for exercise. During these walks he would pick up any debris he found. It was his track and he wanted it perfect.

      I had the pleasure of being associated with Cajon Speedway and the Brucker family for some 40 years. I always found Earle fair but firm. There were times I wrote things I probably should not have written. Earle always let me know in his own way when I crossed the line. But the Brucker family, headed by their patriarch, was always extremely loyal to the racers, employees, and fans of Cajon Speedway.

      Services will be held, but will be private.

      Rest in Peace, Earle and God Bless your family.

      - Bob Gardner
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