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  • matthew
    Mar 4, 2009
      hi my name is matt gantz my dad is kevin gantz bomber 594 i first met doc when i was a little kid my fondes memory or doc was a wreck he and my dad got in when my dad first started racing he was the vilian to me. i then later on was able to join bob wickeys crew and my dad built a new car wich he ran when the track closed over the years i became really good friends with ro and doc they will forever be in my hearts i love them both they are part of my racing family so god bless and god speed to ro and ivan doc harrison--- In cajonspeedwaytoo@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Gardner" <rgardne1@...> wrote:
      > Ivan "Doc" Harrison passed away on February 9, 2009.
      > There will be a celebration of his life at the Coronado Playhouse at
      > noon on Saturday April 18th.
      > "Doc" and his beautiful, super friendly wife Ro, were two of the
      > mainstays at Cajon Speedway during that last two decades of Cajon
      > Speedway. They got introduced to auto racing by George Behlman during
      > the mid 1980's. Doc's first race was a factory stock enduro. Doc then
      > joined the bomber stock division and went on to become the track
      > champion in that class in 1996. He then moved up to the street stocks
      > where he competed until the track closed following the 2004 season.
      > Doc and Ro fielded a car every night their division competed for the
      > last 18 years that Cajon operated. That matched the feat turned by
      > Mark Norris during the super stock years.
      > In a way it was appropriate that Cajon closed following the 2004
      > season. That way both Mark and Doc remained unmatched in this amazing
      > string of not missing a race.
      > Two of my personal memories about Doc stand out from all the rest
      > from this wonderful guy. He was the only man at Cajon Speedway who
      > ever kissed me. And the second was his and Ro's story about the day
      > Ro came home from work and found Doc tearing down a wall in his house
      > so he had a shop to work on his car inside his house!!!!
      > Doc was a native of England. He and Ro became United States citizens
      > in a ceremony many years ago at the starting line at Cajon Speedway.
      > Doc, we will miss you. Ro, we will always love you.
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