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New Challenge - Please Vote for The Oasis Sanctuary

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  • hopkinsus@cs.com
    The Oasis came in second in the last challenge. If they come in first, they get a lot of money. They are the only bird organization in the running for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2011
      The Oasis came in second in the last challenge.  If they come in first, they get a lot of money.  They are the only bird organization in the running for the big money.  All you have to do is vote - costs nothing to help all these birds!

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      October 1, 2011

      Beginning October 3, 2011 a New Challenge Will Begin
      Please Help the Oasis' Birds by  Voting Every Day!! 

      Join us for Voting -  Round Four of The Shelter Challenge,
      Beginning Monday, October 3, 2011
      Give The Oasis Sanctuary one more chance to win this year! 
      We held 2nd Place through most of the last round,
      This time, with your continued help, we could take FIRST! 
      pet challenge button 
      Please VOTE for The Oasis in the new Shelter Challenge.
      And please encourage your friends and family to vote as well. We can do this with your help! 
      Please click on the purple button, or go to:
      Cockatoo girls sure love Joe!!!
      Vote from your computer, vote from your smart phone,
      from your iPad or iPod touch, any device with an internet connection.
      Please, Help Us Help Them
      by spending just a few moments a day voting for
      The Oasis Sanctuary, Benson AZ 
      budgies tree
      Budgie Tree!
      Upcoming Events:
      If you are in San Diego, Sybil will be speaking at
      PEAC on October 29th.
      Love to see you there!!!
      Do you want to learn more about birds? Come on out and VOLUNTEER at The Oasis Sanctuary.
      You will get to know almost 700 birds and work with the BEST animal care-givers in the WORLD!
      We will provide you with a private bedroom, bath and you will have kitchen facilities available.
      Call Julie to get on the calendar

      Contact Us:
      Mailing address:  The Oasis Sanctuary - Box 2166, Scottsdale, Arizona 85252
      Sybil Erden - Founder/President - 520-212-1718
      Janet Trumbule - Executive Director of Administration
      Joe Dyson - Executive Director of Operations  Julie Dyson - Associate Director & Volunteer Coordinator 
      Charlotte Fox -  Business Manager - (602) 863-1543
      Ruth Ann LaRue - Financial Manager - (480) 946-4955
      Su Egen - Database Coordinator 
       : Nancy Stephens, Jean Gauthier, Kathleen Yochis, Caleb Quisenberry, Carlton Landrum

      Voice: 520-212-4737        Fax: 520-212-0123                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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      The Oasis Sanctuary Foundation | PO Box 2166 | Scottsdale | AZ | 85252
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