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Quaker Update

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  • Donna Dwyer
    Hello Everyone, UI has continued to remove nests in this cold, icy, snowy weather. There were still nests on Ocean Avenue just before New Year s but they are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2006
      Hello Everyone,
      UI has continued to remove nests in this cold, icy, snowy weather. There were still nests on Ocean Avenue just before New Year's but they are gone now too. West Haven is very much quieter than it was. It is a silence that I find deafening. It is a very sad situation.
      On the bright side there are birds left and they are coming to some of the feeding platforms that have been put up. Best of all, in this past week there have been two places where the birds were seen "checking out" the alternative nest platforms we have been building.  It is wonderful news!!  Looks like MAYBE just Maybe our plans and ideas may be working. What we are hoping to do of course is get the birds to erect their nests on private property and take UI out of the picture. Several poles are already up in West Haven and Lordship. We plan to erected some more of the ones we have finished building on Saturday morning in West Haven. Targeting first the areas where most of the nests have been pulled and the birds need shelter the most. There is also a building workshop planned in Fairfield in the afternoon around 1pm.
      We have been putting together quite a list of people who own property where the birds are that want these poles. Which we will officially be calling " bird houses" for the birds whose nests were destroyed. Not necessarily quaker nests. We have lots more building to do. And still are looking for help from anyone and everyone who can help in one way or another.
      Can you help build? Do you have a truck? Maybe then you can help move the 22ft steel poles we need to get to the properties where the platforms will be erected. Do you  have some time to spare? Building these things is not rocket science everyone can do it. Maybe you can help erect them? Maybe you can contribute seed (the monks LOVE safflower).Can you donate materials? Can you seek donations of materials or seed? Can you write letters to UI, DEP, legislators, editors etc? Remind the legislators that we want the laws that permitted this slaughter changed!!
      Friends of Animals is still planning to file a lawsuit to protect the birds and they have a fund set up for the parakeets, can you send a donation there?
      We are meeting Saturday Morning 10 am at Julie's on Ocean Ave to put up some platforms.That is where the poles are and the finished nest platforms we have built are. Also Julie is storing and distributing any seed donations. The address 451 Ocean Ave. West Haven. If you wish to make arrangements to drop off seed she can be reached at 203-937-9254 or email her at Julie@...
      Building in Fairfield at 1pm at 393 Winnepoge Drive
      Take CT-15/Merritt Pkwy South to Exit 44;
      Turn left @ light at bottom of Exit 44 onto Congress St.;
      Take immediate left at next light onto Black Rock Tpk.;
      +/- 1/2 mile down Black Rock Tpk., take a left onto Crecenoof Rd.
          (You will pass the Black Rock Congregational Church and a 
           gas station on your right.  Immediately after the gas station, 
           look for Crecenoof Rd. on your left.);
      <.1 mile down Crecenoof, make a right onto Winnepoge Drive at
      About 5 houses down Winnepoge Drive, turn right into a cul-de-sac.
           Inga's house is to your left as you turn into the 
           cul-de-sac, #393.
      I plan to get the website ctquakers.com updated with some pictures of the platforms that are up and also some photos from the last building workshop. We had a good time working together for the birds.
      Donna Dwyer

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