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CAFA Variety Night

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  • hopkinsus@cs.com
    CAFA s next meeting on April 13th will be our first ever Variety Night! We have lots of fun activities planned. PET PHOTOGRAPHY Stacey Weise, pet
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      CAFA's next meeting on April 13th will be our first ever Variety Night!  We have lots of fun activities planned. 


      Stacey Weise, pet photographer, will be on hand to do custom portraits of your precious parrot.  Photos will be $10 for a 5x7 and $15 for an 8x10, with a portion of the proceeds going to CAFA.  Other sizes are also available.  You can pick out your photos that night, and she will bring them to the following meeting.  For questions or reservations, contact Stacey at:

      runfortheroses@... or 203-506-2554


      Delia Berlin will be hosting a toy-making table for birds big and small, with plenty of materials on hand.  Come learn how to make inexpensive, safe, exciting toys for your birds.  If you want to bring additional safe toy parts, please do so!  We especially need any pre-drilled wooden beads of any shape and size.  Extra scissors would also be helpful.  We will donate any extra toys to Foster Parrots, so even if you don't want toys for your birds, come and make some for the sanctuary parrots!


      Donna Dwyer will be throwing a Chop Party.  "Chop" is the concept of making up a bunch of food and pre-packaging it to serve later.  Everyone interested brings some ingredients, cuts everything up, mixes it together, and packages it up so that everyone gets to bring home Chop baggies to their birdies.  It's a lot of fun and saves you from having to make up fresh veggie mixtures every time you feed your birds.  Please contact Donna ahead of time to let her know of your interest and she'll tell you what to bring:

      dfeathers@... or 203-754-1822


      Dr. Ann Bourke will be on hand for wings, nails, and microchipping.  If you have any special needs, please contact her ahead of time. 


      We're planning on having a bake sale if we have some people willing to put their culinary skills to work creating scrumptious desserts for the rest of us to buy and consume.  It's a delicious way to raise some money for CAFA and keep the munchies at bay.  So show your club spirit and start baking!  Anything edible is accepted!

      We will also have raffles for gift certificates and other stuff, a silent auction, and lots of merchandise.

      Come join in the fun!

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