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626The Parrot Club Program June 10 reminder

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  • Amy Hopkins
    Jun 9, 2014
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      Join The Parrot Club June 10th for an exciting talk by Marc Johnson and Michele Parrett of Foster Parrots.  In 2007, Foster Parrots established The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary on 15 acres of land in beautiful Hope Valley, RI.  They transformed a former farm into a place of peace and safety for hundreds of birds and other animals.  Their spacious 25,000 square foot facility is comprised of large indoor/indoor aviaries designed to accommodate and encourage natural behaviors like flight, foraging, playful interaction, and conspecific social bonding.  They have onsite healthcare facilities, a full kitchen for preparation of daily fresh fruits and vegetables, and a new gorgeous education center to serve as the seat for their local and national educational outreach programs, student internship programs, and adoption center.  They also have an active conservation program in Guyana to promote keeping parrots and other animals safe in their natural habitat through village-based ecotourism.

      Marc and Michele will talk about what it takes to run the largest parrot sanctuary in the northeast, covering the physical, emotional, and financial needs of so many animals.  Over 500 parrots, representing over 50 different parrot species, currently reside there, so you can imagine the amount of work involved!  Come hear this fascinating talk!