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Heralds & Scribes Symposium (long)

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  • Maria Martinez
    This information below is the most current information on this event. One change that did not make the Outlandish Herald is that the event is now being held in
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      This information below is the most current information on this event. One
      change that did not make the Outlandish Herald is that the event is now
      being held in DANE SMITH HALL not Mitchell Hall.

      2004 Heralds & Scribes Symposium
      University of New Mexico
      Dane Smith Hall and Duck Pond
      Albuquerque, NM
      Site Opens at 8:00 a.m. and Closes at 5:00 p.m.
      Site is Dry

      The Barony of al-Barran is pleased to host the 2004 Heralds & Scribes
      Symposium on Saturday, March 27 at the University of New Mexico,
      featuring classes designed for everyone from novice to expert in both
      heraldic and scribal endeavors. Heavy and light weapons tourneys are
      planned so that those interested in field heraldry will have a forum as

      There will be a heraldic garb contest at the Symposium and later at the
      Court Dance Ball that evening, so plan to wear (or display) your finest
      heraldic garb. There will be a category for heraldic accessories as well.
      Winners will be selected by populace vote and prizes will be awarded.

      Instructors for both heraldry and scribal classes are welcomed. To
      schedule a heraldry class please contact Lady Sorcha MacLeod at
      <sorchamacleod@...>. To schedule a scribal class please contact
      Mistress Bennet Murray, Kingdom Scribe, at <bennetbev@...>.

      As always VOLUNTEERS are welcome and needed to run any event. If you are
      interested in assisting in any area of this endeavor please contact the
      appropriate coordinator below. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

      Adult, Age 13 + $10.00*
      Youth, Age 6-12 $ 5.00
      Child, Age 5 and under Free
      *Subject to $3.00 non-member surcharge
      Breakfast and Lunch are included in site fee

      Make checks payable to
      'SCA - al-Barran'
      mail to:
      Barony of al-Barran
      PO Box 27676
      Albuquerque, NM 87125

      Classes, Court and Meals will take place at Dane Smith Hall; Fighting
      will take place at the Duckpond (those who do not get their fill of
      fighting are invited to attend al-Barran Fighter Practice on Sunday at
      Bataan Park).

      From the North:
      Take I-25 SOUTH to the Central Ave./Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave exit,
      exit #224B - Proceed left (East) on Dr. Martin Luther King to the end of
      the road across University Blvd onto UNM Campus, turn left on Redondo and
      follow signs to parking.
      From the South
      Take I-25 NORTH to the Central Ave./Lead-Cole Ave exit, exit #224A - go
      0.2 mi. Continue on Oak St SE - go 0.3 mi. Turn Right on Central
      Ave/Route 66 - go 0.5 mi. Turn Left on University Blvd NE - go 0.2 mi. to
      Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. at University Blvd. Turn Right onto UNM
      Campus, turn left on Redondo and follow signs to parking.

      Crash space is being coordinated by Duchess Leah Kasmirah of Natterhelm;
      however I have also arranged a discount at the Holiday Inn (Menaul &
      University) for anyone who prefers to stay at a hotel. The rate for our
      event will be $55.00 per night and includes free shuttle service to/from
      the airport and to/from the University. The Hotel will extend this rate
      whether we have one person or many but they need to know how many plan to
      stay there so they can set up the discount rate in their computer for the
      event dates. Anyone who wishes to stay at the hotel should contact me
      off-list at mariasol @ illuminare.ws.

      The schedule of classes is coming together and can be viewed on-line at
      our event website: http://www.unm.edu/~mariasol/h&s/

      After a day of interesting classes an evening of great entertainment is
      planned and hosted by the The College of Blaiddwyn, Scorpion Scales, and
      the al-Barran Court Dancers with a Heralds and Scribes Court Dance Ball.
      The ball is free and will start at 7:00 pm and run until 11:00 pm. There
      will be lots of dancing to beautiful live music by the Scorpion Scales.
      We will have entertainment to delight you and tables for playing board
      games. Bring your banners and scrolls to display and wear your heraldic
      garb. We invite new heralds to participate in heralding the dances and
      the entertainment. If you would like to entertain at this ball before the
      ball begins and between the dance sets, please contact Lady Barbara. The
      College of Blaiddwyn, Scorpion Scales, and the al-Barran Court Dancers
      look forward to your joining us and making merry.

      The Ball will be held in Ballroom C of the Student Union Building (SUB)
      at UNM, which is the third building to the east of Mitchell Hall. For
      more information, go to the link off of the al-Barran website,
      www.al-Barran.org, or the Heralds & Scribes Symposium website,

      Directions: Take I-25 south past the Big I to the Central Street exit,
      #224. Turn left onto Central and go about one mile to the light in front
      of the UNM campus at Stanford Drive. Turn left onto the UNM campus and
      go to the stop sign atRedondo Road. The Student Union Building (SUB) is
      behind (to the north of) Popejoy Hall, which is just to your left. For a
      map of the UNM campus, go to www.unm.edu/campusmap.pdf

      COORDINATORS: (505) area code for all numbers
      Autocrat: Maria Sol de Leon, mariasol@..., 277-5522
      Feast: Cailte Caitchairn, karobert@..., 277-6249
      Reservations: Thorkell Bjornsson, hersir@...
      Gate: Emer, kbutler@..., 293-1206
      Site: Gauvain Eisenbein, gauvain_eisenbein@...
      Decorations / Room Signs: Margherita da Fiore, margherita2000@...
      Heavy Weapons: Artan macAilin, jcunico37@..., 256-4568
      Light Weapons: Elisabeau d'Calais, elisabeaux@...
      Mistress of the Lists: Anne Aliz de Bale, dgr0dm@...
      Field Heraldry: Cristobal Vasquez de Narriahondo, abqbobcat@...
      Heraldic Garb Contest: Tana à l'Esprit Fort, thltana@..., 265-3142
      Crash Space / Lost & Found: Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm, fplecki@...

      Co-autocrats of the Ball are Lady Barbara, (Barbara Krege),
      krege@..., 505-293-7453 and Lord Gauvain Eisenbein (Jeff King),
      gauvain_eisenbein@..., 505-385-4110

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