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41Final Revisions file

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  • Hedewigis Ockenfüß
    Aug 21, 2008
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      Good afternoon!

      There is now a "final revisions" document in the files section of the
      group. Please take some time to go over it for the comments and
      concerns we have raised over the last few months, and do not hesitate
      to bring up new issues we might have overlooked.

      Note that I have not yet printed it to look for formatting issues -- I
      am sure there are plenty of those.

      Once we get a clean "final" it can be posted to the website for
      general review, then the floor can be opened for discussion at the
      September meeting (Dover, 18 September -- note the Thursday date
      rather than the normal Tuesday -- the library has its own program
      Tuesday night). If you could all be there for the September meeting
      it would be great. This would give Shire members the opportunity to
      talk with the committee members directly. That said, do not stress if
      you are unable to make it.

      While we can't forbid it, I am hoping to discourage discussion about
      the proposed changes on the Shire Yahoo list -- we have all seen how
      electronic discussions frequently fall apart. Face-to-face
      conversations tend to be much more productive, and tend to be much
      less prone to turning negative. The idea behind posting it to the
      website is more to save time (and paper) during the meeting (we have a
      90 minute limit in the Dover meeting room). Shire members would have
      time to read the changes before the meeting and come prepared with

      If you have an alternative suggestion for handling the presentation of
      the changes, please let do not hesitate to let us know.

      Despite the inherent challenges of an electronic forum, I think we
      have managed to beat the odds -- we kept this entire process really
      positive. Thank you -- it has been a pleasure to work with you all!

      In service, and appreciation,
      ~ Hedewigis.