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31Re: [caeradamant_bylaws] Re: Section VI

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  • Roger Young
    May 16 11:54 AM
      looks very good

      Hedewigis Ockenfüß <SilverLoon2001@...> wrote:

      --- In caeradamant_ bylaws@yahoogrou ps.com, "joscelyn70"
      <joscelyn70@ ...> wrote:
      > Don't forget to add residency wordage in there like we did for
      > election of officer and voting. Can the letter or whatever is posted
      > contain the reason for the removal? Just a thought.
      > Joscelyn

      Ok. I have added the residency requirements, and referenced the Proxy
      section. I have also gone back to the V. ELECTIONS section and added
      "aged 15 years or older" to the voting requirements, and modified the
      proof of residency line to exempt minor children residing with their
      parents. I am not sure most of our minor children can furnish
      sufficient proof of residency.

      So, the 15-years-old requirement will hold for Officer removal votes
      as well.

      As for adding a "reason" to the petition or Officer vote for removal
      -- I can probably argue both sides of that, but I tend to think we are
      better off if we do not include it as a requirement by way of the
      By-Laws. There is nothing to preclude a "reason" being given, and it
      is almost guaranteed to come out during the meeting, but I worry about
      putting our backs against the wall should there come a time when
      public airing is not the best course of action. I can't come up with
      a scenario to help illustrate, but I am just uncomfortable.

      Of course, if the rest of our group agrees we should include it, then
      we will include it!

      Please take a look at the modifications below (sorry, the red did not
      come through, nor did the tabs, so it looks a bit funny), and comment
      away. Also, please take a look at the rest of the By-Laws and make
      any comments about those sections as well. We are getting close to
      being finished!

      In service,
      ~ Hedewigis.

      Any elected Officer can be removed from office by a vote of removal,
      as proposed by either the Officers or the Populace. Such proposal must
      take the form of either:
      1. A decision by two-thirds of the officers, or
      2. A petition signed by one-third of the paid members of the Shire,
      and presented to the Officers during a business meeting.

      VI. A. The vote of removal will be announced at the Business Meeting,
      posted to the Populace list, and published in the newsletter.

      VI. B. The vote of removal will be taken from the paid members of the
      Shire at the next scheduled Business Meeting.
      The vote of removal will be a closed ballot format. Each paid member,
      aged 15 years and older, must show proof of membership and residence
      to receive a ballot. Proxy ballots will be permitted, and will follow
      the procedures in Section V.E.2. PROXY BALLOTS.

      If an Officer is removed from Office, or steps down prior to the end
      of his/her term, the deputy, if one exists, will assume the office
      until a new election is conducted.
      An election for a replacement will be conducted three months following
      the removal or the stepping down of the Officer. If there are fewer
      than three months remaining until the next general election, the
      deputy may hold the position until the next general election. In the
      event that there is not a deputy, the position will remain vacant, and
      the Seneschal will see to the performance of the duties of that office
      as required by Kingdom Law and Corpora.

      postulo of plures sicco trutino postulo of unus

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