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28Section VI

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  • Hedewigis Ockenfüß
    May 8, 2008
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      We seem to have gotten through the first five sections. The reworked
      sections IV and V are in the "files" section of this group. I will
      put together a new "in-progress" file shortly that takes into account
      the changes we have made to the entire document.

      Next is Section VI - Removal of Officers. I have done a cut-and-paste
      below -- please take a look and make any suggestions.

      Thank you!
      ~ Hedewigis

      Any elected officer can be removed from office by a vote of removal,
      as proposed by either the officers or the populace. Such proposal must
      take the form of either
      1. A decision by two-thirds of the officers, or
      2. A petition signed by one-third of the paid members of the Shire,
      presented to the officers during a business meeting.
      The vote of removal will be published in the newsletter in the same
      manner used for the election of officers, as described in IV.
      Elections. The vote of removal will be taken from the paid members of
      the Populace.
      The vote of removal will be a closed ballot format. Each paid member
      must show proof of membership to receive a ballot. Proxy ballots will
      be allowed as long as the required information is included. Proxy
      ballots will be due the day of the election. In the case of an officer
      being removed from office, or stepping down prior to the end of
      his/her term, the deputy, if one exists, will assume the office until
      a new election is conducted.
      An election will be conducted three months following the removal or
      the stepping down of the officer. If there are fewer than three months
      remaining until the next general election, the deputy may hold the
      position until the next general election. In the event that there is
      not a deputy, the position will remain vacant, and the Seneschal will
      see to the performance of the duties of that office required by
      Kingdom Law and Corpora are performed.
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