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25Re: am I reading this wrong?

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  • Hedewigis Ockenfüß
    Apr 22, 2008
      I had the same concern, initially. As many of us recalled, much of
      the concern in the past was actually raised by the officers
      themselves. The jobs tended to be time-consuming and stressful and
      there seemed to be a fear of such a commitment.

      The idea of a two-year term with a staggered election schedule was
      first discussed among the officers and presented at the February Shire
      meeting. It was actually that recommendation that caused the
      formation of this By-Laws Review Committee. The suggested changes
      were reviewed at the last officers' meeting, and then distributed at
      the April Shire meeting last week where they were met general

      That is not to say that a formal vote was taken -- that will have to
      wait until the revisions are completed. It was, however, a positive
      sign that there was no immediate objection.

      Does that help?

      ~ Hedewigis.

      --- In caeradamant_bylaws@yahoogroups.com, AdolphusXB1200@... wrote:
      > The only problem I have is that historically, the Populace has
      always voted down the two year terms, since no one wanted to pledge
      more than a years worth of service at a time.
      > Adolphus
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      > Sent: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 10:46 am
      > Subject: [caeradamant_bylaws] am I reading this wrong?
      > Hi everyone sorry I missed the meeting but my son was getting an MRI
      > of his neck. Don't worry nothing serious. Anyway, I may be reading
      > this section wrong and if I am could someone please let me know. In
      > V.A. it states elections will be in January but in V.C.1. It states
      > "The candidate for an office will submit a letter of intent to the
      > Seneschal prior to the start of the January business meeting."
      > How can we do this if the populace has to know who is running at least
      > a month in advance? Can someone please clarify. I am also confused as
      > to why we are using V.A, V.B, V.C what is this about? Thanks for
      > setting me straight.
      > Joscelyn
      > V. ELECTIONS.
      > V.A. Officer elections will be held each January during the scheduled
      > Business Meeting (all years are modern):
      > V.A.1. In odd-numbered years: Exchequer, Knight Marshal, Herald, Web
      > Minister, Chronicler.
      > V.A.2. In even-numbered years: Seneschal, Chatelaine, Minister of A&S,
      > Captain of Archers.
      > V.B October and November: Call for candidates for positions coming up
      > for vote. Notice will be given at the Business Meeting, posted to the
      > Populace list, and included in the newsletter (Fort Knights).
      > V.C. December. Letters of intent are due to the Seneschal prior to the
      > start of the December Business Meeting. Candidates for each office
      > will be announced at the December Business Meeting, as well as on the
      > Populace list and in the newsletter.
      > V.C.1.LETTER OF INTENT. The candidate for an office will submit a
      > letter of intent to the Seneschal prior to the start of the January
      > business meeting.
      > V.B.2. The letter will include the member's modern name, SCA name (if
      > applicable), membership number and expiration date, and a few lines
      > describing the request. Proof of residence is required (e.g.
      > photocopy of a current utility bill or Delaware driver's license).
      > V.C. Between the December and the January Business Meetings.
      > V.C.1. The Seneschal will ask that any candidates who so desire to
      > send a statement detailing his or her qualifications, reason(s) for
      > seeking office, and goals for their time in office. Responses will be
      > combined and posted to the Populace list.
      > V.C.2. The Seneschal will see that a ballot is created and made
      > available through the Populace list and the newsletter, as well as by
      > paper copy on the day of the election. The ballot will include the
      > names of any eligible candidates as well as a "none of the above"
      > option for each position.
      > V.D. January.
      > V.D.1. Officer elections will be via closed ballot. Any Caer Adamant
      > resident who is also a paid member of the SCA, Inc. may vote in an
      > Officer election. Prior to casting a ballot, each member must show
      > proof of membership (membership card of Pikestaff mailing label), and
      > proof of residence (e.g. photocopy of a current utility bill or
      > Delaware driver's license).
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