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Re: Business Meeting

... I will see what happens. I am supposed to be taking the kids to Fright Fest at Six Flags America. Joscelyn
Oct 16, 2008

Re: Business Meeting

Excellent! I have "yes" for Lewin and Sarah. Any more? I will bring a handful of copies with me, but I am hoping most attendees have already printed their
Hedewigis Ockenfüß
Oct 16, 2008

Re: Business Meeting

I'll be there. Lewin **************New MapQuest Local shows what's happening at your destination. Dining, Movies, Events, News & more. Try it out
Oct 13, 2008

Re: Business Meeting

I'll be there. Sarah Johnson
Mark Schrader & Sarah Johnson
Oct 13, 2008

Business Meeting

Good morning! How many of you will be able to attend the business meeting this coming Sunday? It would be nice to have as many group members as possible to
Hedewigis Ockenfüß
Oct 13, 2008

New file uploaded to caeradamant_bylaws

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the caeradamant_bylaws group. File :
Sep 20, 2008

More revisions

Good morning! Due to a miscommunication, our revised by-laws were not posted to the website before the business meeting. However, I took a dozen copies and
Hedewigis Ockenfüß
Sep 20, 2008

Final Revisions file

Good afternoon! There is now a "final revisions" document in the files section of the group. Please take some time to go over it for the comments and concerns
Hedewigis Ockenfüß
Aug 21, 2008

Re: Officer expiration dates and Final Sections

I think it is safe to say that the officers will/should be able to keep track of their own expiration dates of membership. Hell, I got an e-mail from the
Jul 8, 2008

Re: Officer expiration dates and Final Sections

Nothing really sticks out in my mind of needing to be addressed in the rest of the bylaws. Lewin ... I ... Archery ... Laws ... so ... means
Lewin de Partone
Jul 5, 2008

Officer expiration dates and Final Sections

Greetings! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Are we all OK with not having the Seneschal keep track of local officer membership expiration dates?
Hedewigis Ockenfüß
Jul 3, 2008

Re: Checking Membership Status [was: Re: (no subject)

Your right... When reporting to Kingdom you have to give your membership number and date of expiration. I kind of see what everyone is saying, but I don't know
May 26, 2008

Checking Membership Status [was: Re: (no subject)]

I have been turning this one over in my mind and I am not sure it is necessary to have the Seneschal, or any other local officer, take on this responsibility.
Hedewigis Ockenfüß
May 25, 2008

Re: (no subject)

I agree this would be a good addition, YIS Don Alexendre joscelyn70 wrote: I agree we need something like this. Joscelyn ... sets of ...
Roger Young
May 25, 2008

Re: (no subject)

I agree we need something like this. Joscelyn ... sets of ... membership ... their ... Seneschal of ... standards should ... remain ... ) the deputy ... be
May 24, 2008
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