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  • Sue, very sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your brother "SNAKE." This club, which he loved and had fun creating and participating in, will miss him, as well as the many people who knew and loved him, I being one of them...Gloria
    caddyglo Nov 15, 2002
  • ...club and keep the thrill of owning or desiring a Cadillac ever present. Wishing all members a Blissful Holiday and a Cool Yule!! Caddyglo
    caddyglo Dec 11, 2001
  • Im so glad you are happy with the Griot Products I recommended. I use nothing else on my beloved Cadi's and they really turn out great with this stuff. If any of you have weathered leather interiors, their leather rejuvenator is unbelieveable and is made with the oil from leather hides, and makes your leather interior not only look great, but, it smells like brandy-new without the...
    caddyglo May 23, 2001
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  • Dont give up on your top. The best stuff on earth that I have used is from Griot's garage. Check it out at www.griots.com. The stuff is called Leather rejuvenator, for interiors, and vinyl top dressing. Both are good, but I use the leather rejuvenator for the vinyl top, and I cant believe how good this stuff is.........Try it, you will love it, I use it on my '77 & '78 Coupe and...
    caddyglo Apr 26, 2001
  • I have a friend who could answer this question, he is an expert on Cadillac air condition/refrigerant. Contact him at Coodeville@^$1, and tell him Caddyglo sent you...............
    caddyglo Aug 7, 2000
  • SnakePluskin, By the way, I think it's great that you created this club. It's nice to talk with people who have a love and respect for their cars, even if they're not all Cadi's. Thanks!!!
    caddyglo Jun 12, 2000
  • Hi SnakePluskin, At the moment, Im down to only four Cadillacs. I own a '78 Coupe de Ville, all orig., color is basil metallic green., condition is excellent, in and out, mileage is 41,000. I also own a 71 Fleetwood Limousine, white, blue brocade int. condition is also exc. in and out. mileage is 24,000. It has been used in several movies, led parades, etc. I also own a '59 Eldo...
    caddyglo Jun 12, 2000
  • I have several car shows, and competitions over the holiday weekend. I am entering my '78 Coupe De Ville, and my '71 Fleetwood Limousine for display and to be judged. They both are show quality cars, and have won many prestigious awards over the years. Will let you know of my accomplishments, hopefully............
    caddyglo May 26, 2000
  • I joined the Cadi club today and I am in agreement with you about the 70's cadi's. They're the best!!! I own 3 of them, and wouldn't trade them for the world, by the way, luv that eldo..Caddyglo
    caddyglo Apr 25, 2000