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Just Joined ! Hi !

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  • Ed W.
    Hi Caddy Club members, I ve been a Caddy owner for some time, owned 78 Coup De Ville, 91 Coup DeVille , they were sold, and newest project a 79 Eldorado
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2003
      Hi Caddy Club members,

      I've been a Caddy owner for some time, owned '78 Coup De
      Ville, '91 Coup DeVille , they were sold, and newest project a '79
      Eldorado Biarritz, replaced the '91. I liked the 4.9 engine, but the
      ride was'ent like my other Caddy's, Found the Eldorado for $500.
      and had to have it. It being a first in a nice series of Caddy's
      ('79 -'85) flush windsheild, independant rear suspension, 4
      wheel disk brakes, 350 Olds 170 hp, V-8, Classic looks, clean
      sporty lines, smooth ride.
      It took another $500. to make it road worthy, front end work, Idler
      arm, CVC joints, boots, left axel,brake job, and two front tires. It's
      now in the paint shop, it had the Calif, paint problems of paint
      scalling on hood and trunk lid. Now all door dings are filled,
      hood and trunk primed, it's ready for paint. From Lt. Blue, to a
      Med. Dk. Blue matalic, keeping the interior Lt. Blue, and Med blue
      Vinyl roof the same. Took some before pictures, when it's done
      will take some after photo's. The interior is being detailed alittle
      at a time, Lt. Blue leather needs some repair on drivers seat,
      pillow back seams, ( quoted $ 125.) It should be done by the
      end of this week. I've named her , 'Lady 'O blues' colorwise and
      musicwise, CD tunes played Blues or Jazz, OK! some Country
      too! I've read the past posts here, some good info, and might
      need some help later on. I'll check out the photo ablum.

      Semper Fi !
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