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Cadillac Parts Locating Guide

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  • gardenspeedin <goscars@pacbell.net>
    Hi everyone! I ve noticed that a lot of people are posting about particular parts that they need or just parts in general for their caddies. Well, I wanted to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2003
      Hi everyone! I've noticed that a lot of people are posting about
      particular parts that they need or just parts in general for their
      caddies. Well, I wanted to mention a book that the company, that I
      work for, has just updated called the Cadillac Parts Locating Guide
      which is like a yellow pages or a directory of all the best to find
      parts just for Cadillacs. Here's the press release on it for everyone
      still with me :) :

      "The book is one of the best I have seen for vintage part sources,
      literature and services for your '58 Cadillac. I highly recommend you
      purchase one."
      Motordom's Masterpiece,
      newsletter for the 1958 Cadillac Owners Association

      "After more than thirty-five years in the Cadillac hobby, there are
      vendors in this book whom we have never heard of, or because of their
      business name did not associate with Cadillac parts and services. this
      information alone is worth the price."
      The Self-Starter,
      the national magazine of the Cadillac-Lasalle club,
      Matt Larson, Tech. Editor

      Garden of Speedin' (formerly Vintage Parts 411) has done its first
      huge update of its Cadillac Parts Locating Guide since it was first
      print ed in 1996. The updated 2002 Edition is a highly organized
      book that makes it easy to find the best parts dealers in the
      country. "The new books are twice as good as the last editions,"
      says president Adam Gimbel. "There are hundreds of new sources and
      twice as much information on each page." While minor updates have
      been done every year or two, this is the first time the book has been
      revised top to bottom with new companies and categories. The book
      covers parts for ANY Cadillac for ALL years that Cadillacs have been
      made. The book contains chapters for part categories (body,
      interior, engine, etc.), literature, part restoration services,
      salvage yards, high performance parts, clubs and accessories. The
      company has produced 14 editions for GM, Ford and Mopar cars and
      trucks. Each book comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you
      can't find your part, they'll refund your money. The price for each
      book is surprisingly only $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling
      (tax is required for California residents). Call 1-800-MOTORHEAD
      (668-6743) for more information or write: The Garden of Speedin'
      Inc., 4645Q Ruffner St., San Diego, CA 92111 or visit

      I definitely recommend this book to anyone that is even looking for
      just one part, because you never know when you'll need another part.
      I know we've had people who are just starting out restoring their car
      call us and get the book and have fully restore their cars. Well
      thanks for the read time!

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