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    Jun 2, 2001
      eh ~ sorry it was late when I posted that .. more
      door = 4 doors. =o)<br><br>And the power windows
      problem is this ~ I know where the hydraulic pump is for
      the power windows but the question I have is where
      the hell do you put the fluid in? Is there a resivoir
      or can you put it directly into the pump? One window
      is up, the other three are about half way down. I
      can get only one of them to go down then go halfway
      up. Unfortunately I know the cylinder itself is
      leaking because there is bubbled paint on the driver's
      side rocker panel. I'm just sorta frustrated. I know
      alot of Cadillac guys but none of them know anything
      about the freakin' power windows. <br><br>If you have
      advice or suggestions I'd GREATLY appreciate any
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