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82Good Day!

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  • case1133
    Apr 30, 2001
      I am living in Eastern Canada and I have a 53 ser
      62, 2-1970 deville convertibles and an 85 seville,
      elegante, grand classic (looks like a rolls). The seville
      is my daily driver when the weather is good, but I
      am finishing my 53 to drive this summer. I would
      like to find some good bumpers and front chrome for
      it, AT A REASONABLY LOW PRICE (I'm not rich- very,
      very unrich actually), rather than trying to repair
      what I have. The body looks like new ant it runs
      better than new, now. I also need a radio for it. If you
      could point me in the right direction I would
      appreciate it. Remember... keep cheap, thrifty, et cetera in
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