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480Need help identifying Cadillac from childhood memory

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  • shayla_hansen
    Aug 12, 2005
      I hope some of you might be able to help me. I am trying to figure
      out what kind and year of a Cadillac my Dad had when I was a little
      girl. My father passed away ten years ago and he wasn't married to
      my mother or stepmother at the time he owned it. Unfortunately,
      most of the people who would know more about it than "it was a nice
      gold Cadillac" have passed away or we've lost tract of.

      It's really important to me to figure this out. Since my parents
      were divorced when I was very young, Ma decided to move to
      the "country" to raise us children, so we weren't able to see Dad as
      much as we liked. He also died so young, only 44, so the memories
      that I have are VERY cherished! When my Dad passed away, he was
      remarried and left no will. So, of course, my stepmother received
      everything. She is not a bad woman, just very little concept of
      how much some of my Dad's things meant to us. She didn't have ther
      same type of relationship with her father as we did with Dad. So we
      have our memories... but memories so intensley joyful that it makes
      his loss more bareable. We spent many of hours and many of good
      times in that Cadillac, especially since he had such a long drive to
      where we lived. At this time, I am not in a position where I could
      purchase one, but just knowing that maybe someday....

      Sob story over.... Now the Caddy! As I mentioned, it was gold. The
      interior was also a gold velvet material. He bought it second-hand
      from my Uncle sometime during the late 70's to early 80's. It
      wasn't one of the real long ones, it was sort of short. It had a
      power moon/sun? roof at the front of part of the top and the back
      part of the top, right behind the moon/sunn? roof a few inches began
      some type of hard covering on it that seemed to square the back. It
      seemed to me that it was a little short in the back. It didn't look
      like the typical Cadillac. I do remember it being talked about that
      it was not a typical kind. Such as if it was a Seville or Deville
      that it was a special kind of one of those. To me, it almost seemed
      sporty. The other little details I remember probably aren't
      significant because I'm sure they were standard for a Cadillac.

      I would appreciate any leads, especially to a web site that might
      have pictures of the kinds of Caddy's I'm talking about. Thanks for

      God Bless,