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399FOR SALE -- 88 Cadillac Brougham

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  • Carrie
    Oct 10 8:04 PM
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      Hello! I'm new to this list, and I admit that it's for the sole
      purpose of selling my '88 Cadillac Brougham. I'm not sure where
      else to look for people interested in Caddies. :)

      Brief description...
      *runs very smoothly
      *couple things to fix - speedometer cable, rear air suspension
      filled, new tires, wiper motor, e-brake
      *rear fin (plastic) damaged, duct-taped over
      *does not pass ME state inspection as is, but easy to fix up
      *driver's seat leans to one side
      *solid, comfy ride (almost runs better than my 98 Subaru!!)

      If no one here is looking for a Caddy, please feel free to share my
      info with anyone you know who is.

      Carrie ~ South Berwick, ME